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  1. So how much would I need to raise to make some or all of this available? 32 teams is amazing enough, but all the extra....wow, just wow
  2. Thanks for the advise. I have tried TSBM 3, the issue I had with it is after renaming players, I go to export and it ask me to omit 2 teams. Once I do, the rom will not load. Any ideas ? What I have been doing is renaming with Hex Editor. The issue there is the limitation of the name can only be as long as the preset name. Once I understand pointers, I could then make the names as long as needed.
  3. I need a little guidance renaming the old timers in Tecmo Superbowl 3 for the SNES. In the past I had no problems changing the names of active roster players names with TSBm2000 ( example fb bills to T. Thomas). However, after winning 3 Superbowls and unlocking the old timers, I can't get the updated names to update in the rom ( QB SF to J.Montana). I go through rename and export, however, they still read QB SF on the teams roster I put them on. Any ideas why I can't import these names?
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