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  1. If we go that route I will look you up. Do you know if there's any TSB III ROMS with the All-Time Greats unlocked without having to win three straight Super Bowls?
  2. Hey guys, one of the original coaches in this league here - stepped away due to moving away in the mid-90s but now back in it; about 90 minutes away from Shadow and most of the Coaches. Shadow and I tried testing out connecting to each other and playing using the same ROM/Emulator but we couldn't get it straight (we tried using LogMeIn but I think we were missing a step or two). I do have OBS and I know I could stream the games on my PC but we'd need to get everyone online figuratively and literally. As an aside, we are drafting 37 rounds and that may be the most challenging aspect of the league - over a week into the draft and we're in Round 5! Anyway, we'd love to have feedback from you about the league and I'd be happy to answer questions you may have (I'm in Discord as well). Who knows, maybe we'll post the draft results and get your thoughts on it?
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