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  1. It was in Madden too....but not like the one I recall from my youth. I KNOW I wasn't dreaming this up. I was either playing this on NES or SNES at the time.
  2. I am new (since X-mas this year) getting back into Tecmo and TSB since my teenage years. I recall seeing an ambulance coming onto the field when a player was injured. That's not the case for TSB for NES. What version of Tecmo did this come out in?
  3. Just an observation having followed The Ultimate Tecmo Bowl Strategy Guide than Tecmo-Mad-Brad so excellently detailed. I have found my freed up defender tends to get "blown up" when grappling the RB BEHIND the LOS. Invariably leaving the RB free to run for huge yardage if not a TD. If I grapple him PAST the LOS, I get the tackle. Haven't read this anywhere's else here and was wondering if there's a correlation to that observation. And it doesn't matter which RB (ie. Mack). Could be Daryl Johnston (Japan version), same issue. Ofcourse Johnston is slower than slow, so he doesn't get too far after I get pinged in whatever direction the game sends me, haha.
  4. I haven't tried this with every team but I know Marino & Elway can do this. I'm a diehard Fins fan and prefer the pass happy AFC (vs the predominate run heavy NFC). So you can say my preference is to pass vs run. Not a solid game plan in Tecmo Bowl, I know. Anyways, I've noticed while playing a season in Temco with the Fins or Broncos I can complete pass plays to covered receivers (not just the slant and square ins). Especially quick pass plays. Almost like it's a back shoulder throw? A little ahead of it's time with that assumption but it works none-the-less. No YAC but a quick 6-7 yds. Does NOT work when the defense calls your play however. Thoughts?
  5. Anyone know where a fella can find the combo Tecmo Bowl ROM with the original (Dickerson) 1989 AND 1990 (Hershel in Minny) ROM? Love to try it.
  6. Bought the 8bitdo receiver and using a PS4 controller. LOVE the toggle vs the D pad.
  7. My NES Classic controller already died. Looking into Wireless options. Suggestions?
  8. Any chance you can post the team rosters from the Japan Tecmo Bowl game? Thanks!

  9. Anyone have a link showing 1990 release of all 12 rosters? NES Classic uses 1990 version and does NOT shown player names, just numbers. They differ from the 1989 release date.
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