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  1. Dude!


    You are missing the mark with these NBA games, I told ya the Coach K edit will put you in GOD status, lol. Love your work bro, keep pumping out the NBA roms.

    1. kdubmods


      Lmao! I heard you, but...



      ...apparently ain't nobody got time for that!


      If we get some of these smarter cats (drunken_monkey, hurricane55, TecmoTurd) back to working on it, then I'm in there like swimwear, either making or assisting with a couple of different versions (e.g. March Madness, NBA, Legends)


      Otherwise, another option would be to create my own from scratch, but that might take me a couple of years.


    2. hurricane55


      The only thing i remember is the way Genesis coded it was near impossible for graphics edits on players.  The logos were puzzle pieces and had to be done certain ways to make it work.. 


      I think I may have files saved on a thumb drive. The biggest issue i ran into was i could not find the simulator numbers for teams when simming games in tourney mode.  All others were pretty much cut and dry and had figured what they did as far as player stats, attributes, etc.

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