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  1. Why has no one made a 32 team ROM for SNES version of Tecmo super bowl, like there is for Tecmo Super Bowl on NES?
  2. Oh and if anyone sees this, another question. Why doesn't the SNES version seem to be any popular? The new features seem like welcome additions. Also, is there an updated 32 team roster for that game anywhere? Can't seem to find any
  3. A couple questions more I have about this. First off, could I use this to basically keep upping the juice until I feel like it is at a fair level? Almost like a difficulty setting for the game, instead of a gradual upscale in difficulty over time. Also, could I edit roms with the new rosters to have no juice? Thanks for the assistance
  4. I know I probably should've posted this in the new user forum, but this one is a lot more active. My first question is, is there a way to play without the "juice" aspect? I mean like a way to play where teams are hard because they are hard, not because I have a winning season. I feel like the juice aspect just makes the game hard for no reason IMO, I wish there was a way where the only difficulty was based on how good the team I was playing is. I guess having a juiced rom kind of negates this right? Because all teams are at the hardest difficulty. But I don't know, that's why I ask. My next question is, what rom with new rosters is the best? I saw like 3 looking around and don't know which to pick.
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