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  1. Discord: msukc Nickname (if applicable): msukc Email: [email protected] Availability: Late evenings the best. After 9 pm. Can you host?: if I knew how I can. List 4 Team Preferences: Det, KC, SD, Mia What's your location/timezone?: EST Why do you want to join HSTL?: Sounds like an awesome format.
  2. discord : msukc only server mode at the moment looking to join first league
  3. discord and here ID is msukc [email protected] only server at the moment i can play most evenings after 9 PM EST.
  4. 1. msukc 2. dont know how. i have tried unsuccessfully. i will if someone can help out. i only server now. 3 DET, KC, LAC
  5. still eager to join a league. getting better.
  6. I will also add that I have played on line games for the last month. Lose alot but win some too.
  7. I am looking to join an online league.
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