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  1. Great Tournament by Troy, I had a great run and more importantly, had fun with a lot of good dudes. BEAST matchups with legendary Tecmo ballers all day long like TundraYeti, Nelson79, DPS, Tom, GreenMajik and JoeyGats. I like the format of picking teams in tiers. My take on the hardcore format is that it just rules some of the playbook out, or you have to be smart picking your formations. I can't say enough about Trojan getting his WORK in setting up, officiating, administrating and streaming...TROJAN IS A GRINDER. Trojan even steps to the mic and kills the national anthem to get it started. It gives Jim Cornelison a run for his money. Other highlights include: LOW ENTRY FEE, free pizza, Tom's commentary, pass 3, awesome bartenders, hardly any downtime, and good brews, people and Tecmo. I really still can't believe I won. As a wiser fella than myself once told me, sometimes you eat the bar, and well, sometimes the bar, it eats you. With all of my lovesauce, TimPapi
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