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  1. Those are some amazing stats. What play did you run? R&S Z Fly? Did you lose a game besides the the NFC Championship?
  2. First off; incredible man, I love it. Also nice job on the two victories!
  3. If I was trying to make full juice apply to all teams in the playoffs, what would be the most achievable method? Mod the game before the playoffs to set all juice values to max? Is there any pointer from playoff games to juice levels or is it only the season record (what you see on the NFL standings screen that affects it)?
  4. Man, I forgot to respond to this until a year later @Bad Moon Rison. Typically there 4 to 6 players. There are a lot of MAN vs COM matchups but part of the fun is that we maintain a set of statistics so we can track who had the most touchdowns/best qb rating/etc. You can check out those stats here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GgUXqlj2QyGOvnlC1SF2QlRTCV5kVMehAbNmawfg-cY/edit#gid=415570808 We just finished our 15th season this past weekend. There were four human players, Bengals, Chiefs, Dolphins, and Saints were the teams based on a random drawing of teams from between tiers 2 and 4. Bengals (14-2) won it all, Chiefs (16-0), Dolphins (11-5), and Saints (12-4).
  5. Purpose: This post contains guidelines for a successful weekend of Tecmo, resources that will put you into the right frame of mind, and the general rules that will keep a gaming weekend on track. Where as most Tecmo tournaments are MAN vs MAN brackets with seeding based on pool/group play beforehand (and using customer matchups) . . . our southeast Tecmo weekends are more about emulating a bit of the old school Tecmo feel and punctuating Man V Man games with season implications. Basically each player will select a team, those teams will be set to MAN and then players will then speed game an entire season of Tecmo into one weekend. This shit is not for those weak of heart, it is part endurance, part skill, and depending on your pick method part luck. It is best suited for a small group of good friends who have either rented a place or can crash at one person's house. Background: We've been running these Tecmo weekends since 2008 and I have an old registration on this site that I can no longer access (Rodman49, used to do Tecmo reviews, would be great if someone could relink my account). We came up an played in a 2013 Tecmo tournament in New York and a few of us can hang pretty well with some of the more popular players (I beat Mort in our pool game for staging if that counts for anything), but really the strength of this type of event is that you get way more variation and asymmetry. Newer players may just be trying to make the playoffs, other players may be trying to set single season records, etc. We've been playing this roughly once a quarter since our friend group has mostly consolidated to one state (after college, jobs, war, etc). Logistics: Players should designate who is cooking which meal (or what will be ordered ahead of time). If playing with more than four players you will be hard pressed to finish in one weekend. Dogs or children should be appropriately restrained/leashed. Procedure: The following section outlines our procedure, it has some good resources/rules and is an entertaining read. Feel free to change at your leisure for your setting if you have a Tecmo weekend. 1. Reading from the book of Big Red. Upon arrival of all participants there shall be a reading of from the post of Big Red. Relevant link: 2. Scouting. Players should review the Paul Schulzetenberg GAMEFAQ from 2000 and utilize this guide for team picking. Upon drafting your team a designated jagaloon will read your team's overview from the FAQ. Relevant link: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/nes/587686-tecmo-super-bowl/faqs/6416 3. Drafting. There are multiple methods of drafting, here are our most common ones: A. All Pick: in all pick system, players are ranked by their Tecmo experience and teams are selected starting with the least experienced player (going to the most experienced player). Generally this results in a Tier One free for all with teams like the 49ers, Bills, and Raiders going first. B. Equal Pick: in a equal pick system, if there are 5 or less players, the organizer will pick a Tomczak Tier and all players will select from that tier based on a random lottery. IE if tier two is picked, the Raiders, Chiefs, Eagles, Rams, etc will be available for selection. Please see tiers at: http://tecmotourney.blogspot.com/p/team-tiers.html C. Handicap Pick: in a handicap selection players will be placed into Tiers based on their Tecmo ability by the organizer. In general we use the tiers to define a typical touchdown advantage per tier (ie tier 1 vs a tier 3 team is like the first player has a 14 pt advantage). If there a multiple players within a tier a random lottery will be used to select the order of selection. D. Random Pick: in a random pick system (our favorite), each player will select a random team (we actually machined 28 tokens with a CnC machine for a blind draw). Since it is a random draw order does not matter. If playing multiple seasons with the same players we remove previously selected teams until all team have been played. 4. Playbook Selection. Once drafted, each player will have a maximum of 10 minutes to select their playbook. This playbook may be changed once between week's 8 and 9. This second playbook change must take no longer than 5 minutes. For first time players this time limit requirement is waived and they may change their play books after weeks 4, 8, 12, and/or 16. 5. Play Tempo. After all teams and playbooks are selected teams will be set to man and the season will commence. At the end of each game a player will take a picture of the blue "game summary" screen. Play will immediately continue to the next "man" match. Players will then use the image to enter stats into the master playbook without slowing down gameplay. Gameplay will then proceed without breaks unless listed in this guideline. Players will be woken up if sleeping. Remember that SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. It is estimated that games will take 20 minutes per game. With Six players the estimated play time is 36 hours. This translates into 8, 20, 8 (hours) of gameplay on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 6. Lurching. In MAN v MAN matches players may not engage in lurching. Lurching is the act of selecting the NT/DT and immediately diving on the play snap. This is not permitted, if using a NT/DE you must either grapple an offensive lineman or go around the tackle. Please see the following video for lurching rules: 7. Substitutions. Players may not place WR's in the RB position unless all available running backs are injured. Some typical examples would be placing Jerry Rice as the 49ers running back. Other substitutions are permitted (ie putting the backup QB in, putting the backup RB in the primary RB slot, etc). 8. Reviewing Leaders. After weeks 4, 8, 12, and 16 we will briefly review the NFL Leaders taking no more than 5 minutes. 9. Regular Season Review. Upon Season completion we will take pictures of all standings and the playoff brackets. Appendix: We store our stats in a google sheet and display records at our blog: http://tecmoheroes.blogspot.com/ Our next Tecmo weekend is scheduled for 6 players to begin on October 5th, 2018.
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