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  1. I believe most would say the 49ers are the best team with the addition of john taylor on offense and charles haley on defense. The vikings are also one of the best with a great defense and herschel on offense. The only thing holding them back is the reverse play. The bears are still strong with neal anderson at rb. The japan version has better receiving cores in terms of speed, while the original game has better running backs.
  2. To find out who players are, profootballreference.com is just about the only way. Just look for the 89 season rosters for each team.
  3. Just a reminder, the Japan version is the game included on the nintendo virtual console, switch online, and the NES mini.
  4. If you face minnesota in the titile game, call a lot of pass 1 on defense and be the bottom defensive back. This should shut down herschel walker and steve jordan. I used chicago and won 18-0.
  5. Playing against Chicago is just as bad. Singletary comes in so fast and most of the time you have no chance. If Neal Anderson has space he will take it to the house. I call run on defense on every play while trying to use some of the strategies from your videos and site to get interceptions in their half of the field to set me up for field goals. Miami can also be tough to play against in the title game at times because of Marino and Ferrell Edmunds, another fast tight end.
  6. Any time you have to face Chicago or Minnesota in the title game on the Japan version, it is impossibly difficult at times just to even get a field goal unless you see the patterns quickly or call a great game. You are basically blitzed every time against these 2 teams in the last game. Singletary is not even attempted to be blocked by your offensive line. Minnesota will always block your field goal attempts and extra points. One of the only teams, if not the only team, that can kick a field goal or an extra point against Minnesota is San Francisco. Here are some links to these matchups. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SrFWnmI5f0&t=723s code - 867BFFA1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOEHpr0T_94&t=376s code - 9737FFA6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzmLvto3I2s&t=5s
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