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  1. Hello, I haven't been able to get any replies to my post so far, but I'm going to keep trying. I've finished a revamped 1995 TSB III with accurate rosters and what I believe are more accurate stats. In COM sims so far, it's been doing very well. I am starting work on a 1990 version, then a 1985, and finally a 2000 version. But, since these are for human players, I'd like to make them harder. Could someone tell me how to or if it's no trouble apply for me the following hacks to my rom in order of priority: Super Bowl Level Juice Better AI pass coverage AI finds open receiver Longer kickoffs with improved coverage Directional punts I'd love to put these up in the downloads section once I'm done, so any community help would be appreciated. Cheers, Brad
  2. Has anyone figured out if this is possible?
  3. Hello Deberg, And thanks for replying. I like the tipped interceptions in TB II, but the grappling system is awful, and I like the inclusion of agility in III. I guess I just want to find a juiced up version of the game that I can edit. Cheers
  4. Hello everyone, I've already posted a similar topic in the hacking forum, but I thought that I would check in here too, since this is the game I'm looking for work on. Anyways, Fernando has created a great juiced version for his 2017 mod (96 yard td from the cpu by Iron Head Heyward, 35 unanswered points against me after I jumped to a 21-0 lead!).... But the quarterbacks don't seem to have the open man hack installed, which means that they really struggle to generate offense, making defense for a human player way too easy. I"m looking for someone who can keep the juice from his mod, but give it to the cpu only, not the human player, as well as add a few documented hacks from the hacking forum. Cheers!
  5. I just played your NCAA game for the firs time and am impressed by the amount of work you guys put in. I have no coding skills, but if you need testing or just data entry, I'd be happy to help with this very ambitious project. Cheers!
  6. Hi everyone, After playing this as a youngster some 20 years ago, my brother bought me a Classic SNES, and I've loved reliving the old grid iron days. I've been looking over the forums, and while I'm happy to put in the work editing names and stats on Tecmo Bowl Manger 3, I have realized that it will take months for me to learn how to implement all the hex changes that I want, not to mention testing them. So, what I'm wanting to know is if I put down a list of known hacks and supply someone with a ROM that I've edited, can they implement those hacks? I'd be happy to pay someone for their time by the hour or by the project. Alternatively, if someone would like me to donate to the charity of their choice, I'd be happy to do that too. To clarify, this would be for Tecmo Super Bowl 3. Cheers
  7. I don't suppose amrush ever posted any files that we could get to implement this stuff?
  8. Hey Fernando, What are the juiced changes that you've made here? Cheers!
  9. Could you point me to where you found this information for Tecmo Super Bowl III? Cheers
  10. I was curious about this myself...
  11. What a great post. I've modded several other games, and know how much work goes into firstly getting this information, but secondly presenting it. Thank you for sharing!
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