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  1. Thanks for the input. I think I assumed just changing names and stats wouldn't have caused as many problems but that does make sense. Went to standalone Mesen for the debugger to troubleshoot that way, at first I was getting overflow and assumed I had names on the field over the character limit- went and changed the first two teams to just first initial/last name (even removing any periods to be safe) tried with those teams and still got the error. Going to keep trying, it's just frustrating. Not sure if at this point it'd just be easier to add helmets etc and start fresh with the normal Tecmo ROM. EDIT: found the source of the NCAA 2020 Rom, and it wasn't here. It wasn't even its own rom https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4667/
  2. I was making an all-time college romhack, and thought I was all done after the meticulous roster and stat editing rigmarole, and now I'm unable to even start a game. Just looking to know where to start troubleshooting. Any help is appreciated, relevant info below. Using TSBTool Supreme- text of edit attached. Base rom is Pacnsacdave's NCAA 2020 hack which still works as normal for me (got it from somewhere on here but couldn't relocate it for reference- used it to avoid adding custom helmets/logos/etc on top of all the other editing to do). Game crashes as opening kickoff is being returned in Mesen; screen severely freezes and glitches, sometimes resets. In other retroarch emulator cores (NEStopia, FCEumm) screen goes black before kickoff and is unable to proceed. tecmorosebowl1
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