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  1. Group 13 Rico MIN / WAS MIN Rico is WAS and Riddler is MIN - 7 to 7 at the half as Rico missed low on a FG from my 45ish - MIN gets ball 1st but misses FG off the upright from about 40ish - AC makes a diving bomb TD catch after cross field throw - Rico has 3:30 minutes to score. Picks up a big 4th and 1 at mid-field as Millard gets popcorned. Then a P2 streak to Riggs as RB2 gets to 30ish with 1 minute to go. Riddler is nervous but big INT by the drone on an overthrow in the back of the endzone seals the game
  2. Discord Handle: Da_Riddler85 Can you host?: Yes Your time zone: Eastern Time Zone Best time for you to play: I am available on most evenings from 6pm to 11 pm. Starting in March ill be available at 4:00 to 11 pm. Weekends are open.
  3. Discord: Da_Riddler85 Nickname (if applicable): Riddler Email: [email protected] Availability: Summer = ALL -- August = after 4 pm Can you host?: YES List 4 Team Preferences: N/A but for giggles Raiders, Cincinnati, San Diego and Pittsburgh = ask me next week and it changes. LOL What's your location/timezone?: Ohio / Eastern Why do you want to join HSTL?: I want to join an online league. I've met some of the players in person at tournaments. I enjoy reading the banter on discord
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