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  1. Tecmobo, Yes, that statement was directed at pick up games mostly. For pick up games while playing newbies would be a good courtesy to let the other guy know beforehand, but for the majority it doesn't matter because every game in league play is going to be turbo.
  2. Good question Flash80! Since every league or match will allow the use of turbo to even the playing field. Cheating using turbo shouldn't be a issue since the games will be played on TSB Tapmeter and you will know right away and the game becomes null right away if one is doing it w/o the other's knowledge. The goal of the league or season/match is to get your games to count and if your cheating using some rare program or whatever, then it's not a big issue because the likely hood of it is so low. The thing to pay attention to is duplicate accounts, that is the biggest threat, especially when tourney's are being played for cash and prizes. Even then you will not get tossed but instead you will have to loose a account. The other TSB Discord is so big on itself that it forgot about the people who actually make it happen, the everyday players not their buddies. At the end of the day this is a game and we all are human and it needs to be treated as such.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have created a new "Tecmo Super Bowl" app in Discord. In the next coming weeks I am starting a new league that will have a cash prize of $100 + a league championship ring with a custom engraved case (Total value $220 in prizes), purchased out of my own pocket. The reason for a new Discord app is simple for me, I see a lot of people using dirty methods to obtain wins from unsuspecting newbies and the leadership in that Discord is horrible, only protecting their beer drinking buddies when the going gets rough. The new Tecmo Super Bowl app is going to be better in many ways, allowing users to vote on every aspect of the app and how the leagues are played. There will be a rookie league for beginners, mid level, above average leagues also. For those who request there will be a monthly newsletter sent at no cost to them to keep the Tecmo world updated on the latest & greatest news. There will never be a cost associated with the new leagues and help to those who request it will be responded too ASAP! With that being said I highly encourage to come and check out the app and all are welcome, this is not set up by any way to take away from the already established app but to improve on it's flaws and to play a game that many love and keep it as that, simple. No one will ever be tossed out of the league or judged, I understand mistakes can happen and everyone will be glad the play on a app, where they are at least earning something besides their name sake being said. Finally, I hope this message motivates you to come out and check us out, several have already joined and it will take some time to build up but the league will be up and running ASAP. Either post here or email/call at [email protected] or call (813) 947-4536 anytime, I will be glad to talk with you to answer any questions you may have! https://discord.gg/nzDmT5 Best regards, Frankie Irwin
  4. Redneckwhiskey 1-TTL No host Will not miss a game,very committed
  5. Yes, sure can! I can draft any speed you need me to.
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