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  1. All set up boys...got my dance shoes on...ready for a little informal playing tonight...come join if you can...New Bohemia Northeast Minneapolis.
  2. This is late notice, but if anyone wants to join a small group for an informal gathering of playing Tecmo SB and having some brewskies, you're more than welcome. Here's the details: When - Saturday, May 19th 530pm to whenever. Where - New Bohemia (Minneapolis Northeast location) https://www.newbohemiausa.com We'll have a single hd tv and console available, and a reserved table/area. Reply, if you're interested, otherwise hope see you there. If you don't make it...look forward to meeting y'all... in August for sure.
  3. Just a couple of key plays we could all learn from:
  4. Here you go boys...you can thank me later.
  5. Not sure what the connection is between Wolfley, Teen Wolf, and MN is...but I like it...here's some photos of the movie that represent my friend Scott's favorite "parts" of the movie