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  1. Hank!!!!!! what barrrr is the Midwest tecmo logo? clearly the logo is the randy savage wedding outfit
  2. Hey bud, dunno if this is too late or not but in regards to tourneys: Obviously have fun, win or lose don't let it deter you from having a good time. agree with trojan, the computer you can only do so much with (playing against another person will always throw in wrenches into your scheme while the computer will do some foolish things) however if you're stuck w/ the computer, play season mode and try going undefeated, the computer will progressively get harder and harder and it'll be more difficult moving the ball vs them (especially w/ the run). At the tourney, personally i'd try and get as many pick up games as possible, before the tourney or even after (maybe even if there's a break). Any experience helps and you'll never know if you can pick up on something. Every tourney i've been to has been great, by that i mean the group of people have been nothing but nice and are willing to help out and explain to you why somethings are the way they are in the game. Very welcoming community. If you're unsure of something, ask someone. There's usually no dumb questions. If there are i haven't heard it yet. www.tecmogeek.com is another great site, it tells you the best players to use offensively/defensively for every team. Helps immensely w/ defense as to who to take and who to scheme against on offense. As for team rankings, if you need help with that. Usually the tourney will provide a sheet for rankings, and if you call something that's really lopsided usually the other player will tell you so, if not, still not the end of the world. Learning experience/all for fun anyways. Plus if if makes you feel better i called zona/cincy vs mort in my first tourney, so there's that. that's all i can think of for now. Best of luck in your tourney bud! Hope you have a great time.
  3. hank On the left, still in his own little world after his lovely speech. Ohioians in general on the right, having to hear this awful awful attempt at talking smack
  4. Um..... I guess hanks winning this thing then. I’m certainly not getting in the way of a man and his quest for a butt tattoo. with that said, dibs on 2nd.
  5. So question, if Detroit’s tourney (kumite) didn’t have a bracket page on challonge but had the group play scores/results, can that still be submitted? I’m sure there’s a photo of the black belt bracket that had the scores on it somewhere.
  6. not 100% sure on everything, but i'm more learn as i go. I'm in if available.
  7. ArncoEM vs KMolnar (group k) Arnco won toss called Denver/SD- Kmolnar picked SD, SD won toss, opted to kick (cause they say you have a 56% chance of winning a tecmo game if you kick first. Via my drunk friend) Q1 Denver marches down the field with a combo of Humphrey's runs and Elway dink and dunk passes. TD by Humphrey, Den 7-0 SD marches down the field with a big run by Butts (via Walker chop block) but stalls on the 10 yard line to end the quarter. Q2 SD Kicks a FG Den-7, SD-3 Den's offense stalls on their own 45, opting to punt on a 4th and 9, SD (Butts in good) after 2 straight Vlasic sacks (not called plays, ignorance by player) Butts cuts a 23 yard run, 4th and 3 on own 27, butts breaks a TD run, SD- 10- Den-7 Denver couldn't get a deep JJ to close out the half. Q3 SD ball Tolliver in, Big gain to Miller to get into red zone, burn route catch to caravello for the TD. SD-17, Den-7 Den marches back down the field with ease, burn route from elway to johnson for the TD SD- 17, Den-14 SD w/ the ball w/ less than 1 min left, Diving catch by Caravello for a big gain to close out the quarter. SD at midfield Q4 1st play, Butts gets blocker help to take care of Player controlled defender for the TD SD- 24 Den 14 Denver responds fast with several big humphrey runs followed by a mark jackson TD catch on a burn route SD- 24 Den 21 (2:08 remaining) Onside kick no go, Tolliver runs back 20 yards Tolliver throws an int but Braxton immediately fumbles, recovered by Caravello for a TD SD- 31- Den-21(tecmo at its garbage finest) thunderdome_arnco_vs_kmolar.nsv
  8. Group K Pitteri vs Kmolnar Pitt won toss, called Lions/Miami, Kmolnar took Miami Kmolnar won toss, opted to kick (belicheck style) opening drive for Det resulted in a fumble via Peete, Miami recovered, Smith rushes in for a goal line TD Detroit answers back quickly with a sanders run up the gut to knot the game at 7 a piece at the end of q1 2Q starts off with a failed drive by miami which detroit stopped on a 4th and 3 where Marino foolishly thought he could scramble only to be destroyed by drones (because he's carrying several babies under his pads) Det gets the ball in Miami Territory and scores a TD on a burn route to Johnson 14-7 Det Miami ties the score before the half ends on a Marino to Duper TD pass (in coverage, where Duper catches because Tecmo) halftime score 14-14 3Q Miami opening drive lead to a Marino/clayton td in the back of the end zone Miami regains lead 21-14 Detroit followed with a 4 and out (3 out of 4 plays were called by miami def) Stradford rushes in for a TD, miami goes up 28-14 4Q Miami goes into prevent defense, Barry Sanders eats it up on one 90 yard TD run 28-21 miami Miami eats the majority of the game clock to seal the Deal, stradford runs in for his 2nd td and seals the game Final 35-21 miami over det. Badass Live stream via Pitteri -
  9. Discord Handle: kmolnar Can you host?: If only with servers, please state this. Not at the moment: might in near future. As of now w/server Your time zone: est Best time for you to play: evenings on weekdays from 7-midnight, weekends vary but can be arranged
  10. Not sure if this is the sign up thread, but if it is I’m in!
  11. *starts the inspirational slow clap* Congrats bud
  12. 1. Who will win the opening coin toss Atlanta or San Francisco (3 points) -SAN FRAN 2. Who will score first Atlanta or San Francisco? (4 points) -ATLANTA 3. Will the opening kickoff be returned onto or past the receiving teams own 15 yd line? Yes or no. Yes answer is it will reach 15 yd line or greater. No is it will reach 14 yd line or less. (4 points) -NO 4. Will the team who gets ball first in the game, score a TD on the opening drive? (4 points) -YES 5. Who will have more TD's (passing+rushing), SF QB Matt Ryan (44PS-63PC) or ATL QB Andrew Luck (19MS-56PS-56PC) (4 points) -ANDREW LUCK  6. Will SF RB Chris Carson (44MS) score a rushing TD? (3 points) -YES 7. Over/Under (90.5) total yards rushing + receiving for ATL RB Adrian Peterson (56MS) (5 points) -OVER 8. Over/Under (155.5) receiving yards for SF WR Odell Beckham (63MS-69REC) (5 points) -UNDER 9. Over/Under (0.5) on # of lost fumbles. If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (6 points) -Over 10. Over/Under (1.5) successful 2 point conversion attempts? (7 points) -UNDER **11. Total combined points scored in the game. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 5 points of the total you earn the points. (8 points). - 40 12. Who will win the 2K Super Bowl? (10points) -SAN FRAN FALCONS OR ATLANTA 49ers (serious answer San Fran) ---------------------------------------
  13. Hey if I start up a league for shits and giggles would anyone be interested? Thinking maybe small stakes or just for fun. Like depending on who's in the league the losers have to buy the winner drinks for the next several tournaments if they're there.(Madison, Tupa, Milliard, TPC, Midwest, Cleveland, etc) shoot me a response with an email address if you're interested. Lookin to run it on ESPN's site.
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