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  1. Hey bud, glad to hear you enjoyed the multiple live tourneys you went to. Said it before and I’ll say it again. This is the best gamer community out there. also glad to see you had some success in the tourneys. Feels like the new guys w/tecmo you have to take your lumps, so any progress is solid. Congrats again. as for stopping the run. The only advice I can give you (ie, What has worked for me) is trial and error. With all running plays there seems to be an ideal player on defense certain people like to pick to try and blow it up. For example on the up the middle dive plays, I’ve found some success with playing the nose man , lb1, and the bottom corner man. With sweeps (especially the run3) I’ve been able to contain it sometimes with the top corner. Although, I’ve seen people blow up the same play w/the bottom corner. It’s all a matter of preference and repetition . Guess what I’m saying is you gotta put yourself in a good spot to stop the play, and it helps to get good at close up diving. Hope that helps. Happy new year bud
  2. Dramatic Reenactment of Kevin’s domination of Robotron
  3. I would like to play a game of Tecmo with people who are not that good with Tecmo but are not as good as me in
  4. hank-Samoa joe anyone from Ohio-scott Steiner dps-Kurt angle (someone had to go here)
  5. When i first started here, Suicideking once showed me an XFL one, pretty sure he said Vince McMahon and Jessie Ventura were unlockable characters... Not sure if he was joking or not but either way lol
  6. Hank!!!!!! what barrrr is the Midwest tecmo logo? clearly the logo is the randy savage wedding outfit
  7. Hey bud, dunno if this is too late or not but in regards to tourneys: Obviously have fun, win or lose don't let it deter you from having a good time. agree with trojan, the computer you can only do so much with (playing against another person will always throw in wrenches into your scheme while the computer will do some foolish things) however if you're stuck w/ the computer, play season mode and try going undefeated, the computer will progressively get harder and harder and it'll be more difficult moving the ball vs them (especially w/ the run). At the tourney, personally i'd try and get as many pick up games as possible, before the tourney or even after (maybe even if there's a break). Any experience helps and you'll never know if you can pick up on something. Every tourney i've been to has been great, by that i mean the group of people have been nothing but nice and are willing to help out and explain to you why somethings are the way they are in the game. Very welcoming community. If you're unsure of something, ask someone. There's usually no dumb questions. If there are i haven't heard it yet. www.tecmogeek.com is another great site, it tells you the best players to use offensively/defensively for every team. Helps immensely w/ defense as to who to take and who to scheme against on offense. As for team rankings, if you need help with that. Usually the tourney will provide a sheet for rankings, and if you call something that's really lopsided usually the other player will tell you so, if not, still not the end of the world. Learning experience/all for fun anyways. Plus if if makes you feel better i called zona/cincy vs mort in my first tourney, so there's that. that's all i can think of for now. Best of luck in your tourney bud! Hope you have a great time.
  8. hank On the left, still in his own little world after his lovely speech. Ohioians in general on the right, having to hear this awful awful attempt at talking smack
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