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  1. Thanks a lot Sounds good. I have been playing Season mode.. Into week 3 and and everything looks pretty good. I did notice the WR2 and TE but did not say anything because I am not picky. But I figured you might catch that anyway and you did.I will look forward to the your posting of the final when you are done.
  2. Thank you Knobbe for fixing the options. have not had tie with working to actually play yet. I assume the sim ratings are still off ? Very grateful to both of you in helping get a 2002 rom the teams in the right places.
  3. Better then I can do. I so not even know how to edit the rosters lol. I owe you one. I can tell you edited this Rom so we would Have an accurate one for 2002. thanks a lot. I do not even know hot to do the sim ratings like you do even though I hear that is simple. Wish i had more time to figure out and hack a Rom completely. Then I cn turn around and make my own 2005 rm too
  4. Thanks a lot. This works. I greatly appreciate it. a Bug here and there does not bother me but it s good you are working on it I am just thankful You had one. The bug with the clock the rom locked up on me when I went in there. i reset left the clock a lone the rom was acting fine. Thanks again for this.
  5. The realignment of divisions was in 2002 putting my Seahawks back in the NFC west. I have found good roms of 2003, 2004, 2006 on up putting the Seahawks in the NFC west. The 2005 rom I have found have Seattle still in the AFC. I have found one 2005 rom the put Seattle in NFC Central. That Is Closer but still not right. I am just curios of anybody knows where I might find a 2005 rom with the correct new Division realignments. The 2003, 2004, 2006 roms I have found have the North south West and East Since those are out there I'm hoping maybe someone has the one rom I am missing ? Down to just 2005 now thanks to BO FB Offtackle Left . He has a 2002 that he is polishing up. It has the teams in the right places that is the main thing Thanks in Advance
  6. I downloaded this file and it gave me Tecmo Best of the 2000s. not Tecmo with the 19-20 roster updates. I was gonna keep the the rom it did download but it had the Seahawks in the NFC Central. They have never been in the NFC central
  7. Just curious. Am I over looking the download link or am Jumping the gun and this is not ready for download yet ? I download and love Hollywood Tecmo Super Bowl. This one is looking great too.
  8. I own the original TSB II Special Edition SNES cartridge. I'm looking for the manual In pdf form or any downloadable form for that matter. Any idee of where I can find it ? Getting nowhere with google. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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