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  1. fairfensheeding

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    Can players on defense be moved around after the draft?
  2. fairfensheeding

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    I currently have no excuse not to attend. I'm sure I'll find one, but in the meantime, I'll try to recruit the Polish Rifle.
  3. fairfensheeding

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    If you're really missing my work... https://sites.google.com/view/theageknights/ak-parodies
  4. fairfensheeding

    Portland, OR - 01/27/18 - J.J.'s Birden

    Put me down for a maybe
  5. I'd just like to apologize for not getting in my last game of the season about ten seasons ago. My opponent's life and schedule was literally upside down and, despite the eleven efforts I made to get the game in, I probably should have tried a twelfth time. This had no bearing on the playoffs and understandably frustrated my fellow owners. For that, I do sincerely apologize. I'd also like to express my gratitude to some owners that went out of their way to get games in with me. This includes everyone in the league except that one individual, just to name a few. I truly appreciate your selfless efforts and sacrifices, and I only hope I can return the favor in the future if I am given the seventh pick of the draft which was taken from me.
  6. fairfensheeding

    Tecmo Talk Radio (The Revival)

    I would be glad to make another guest appearance... that was fun.
  7. fairfensheeding


    wow rod thanks for stepping up! i'm sure now that you've changed the colors of our forum everyone will play their games!
  8. fairfensheeding

    Two Quitters

    not that i disagree with you, but way to put the PC in TPC !
  9. fairfensheeding

    i can be a champion

    first time reading this my waffles are officially rofled
  10. fairfensheeding

    rdleifriaf does it again

    wow you guys are dumb... why lie?
  11. fairfensheeding

    rdleifriaf does it again

    why are you making this up? what did i ever do to you??
  12. anybody notice anything about these games: http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37634 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37636 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37528 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37529 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37518 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37522 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37523 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37467 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37471 http://www.sois.com/tpc/box.php?game=37472