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  1. Definitely I agree! It’s so diff and I’m a coach mode freak on other games as well. Me and my kid is on our 2nd season!
  2. Hey love your commentary on retro video games channel! Good stuff for sure! Looking forwards in the future to possibly competing in one of those tecmo Super Bowl tournaments!! 

  3. Definitely a tough way to win for sure!
  4. Patriots or colts pick ur poison lol.
  5. Yeah that’s why we do player vs player but with coach! The cpu is always all over the place but if it’s player vs player but as a coach, I find it to be very pleasing tying to lead ur team and win the super bowl that way!
  6. Does anyone here ever play a coach only season? If u think tecmo is unpredictable at times u would try coach mode! Me and my son play season after season playing coach mode! It’s super fun and really different and hard! How many of u guys have tried this befor? Down the line I’d also like to have a big coaching only tournament heald somewhere and crown the best coach around! Side note my son is 42-0 as a coach so far hahah
  7. Hey fellow tecmo super bowl players!! Bdn here with a very good question here... who in your guys opinion is the very best top 5 tecmo players in the world on nes?
  8. Yeah Idk what some of the playes are at the moment but yeah it really only works later in the season when the cpu is stuffing ur outside runs! Up the middle playes are good for 4-6 yards a carry. Not great but gets the job done.
  9. Is it the original tecmo bowl or super tecmo bowl? I’m down if it the super tecmo bowl for sure! Def wanna start entering some tournaments in 2019!
  10. Basically any running playes up the middle. U have to be really nimble and follow ur blockers tho. It’s really tough eather way tho! But yeah I found basic running playes up the middle works the best tho for sure!
  11. How is all my fellow tecmo Super Bowl players doing these days?

  12. That’s awesome man!! Me I switch back and forth during season to help teams win games then come playoffs I pick just teams I have not won with yet it’s so much fun!! Keep digging brother u will have every teams super bowl trophie yet!!
  13. Is it just me or is a game from 91 way way better in every way than madden 18 which was released in 2017?? Yes..... I think so! A game from 91 still has live tourneys everywhere across USA ?? and online support as madden 18 has online support but who in the hell is gonna hold a live tourney at anyone bar or house??? That’s right Nobody!! Greatest football game hands down ever is Tecmo Super Bowl ???? Big huge shoutout to each and everyone of you Tecmo Super Bowl players and moderaters and Administration for Continued support to make this ageless classic Football game Keep getting First Downs Each and every Year ? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  14. Greatest football game ever tecmo super bowl ??

  15. Someone here needs to make a shirt that says, Real Men play Tecmo ?
  16. Completely ? agree tecmo super bowl killes all maddens combined!!!
  17. I also really have no idea how to play tecmo super bowl online? I seen some vids but I’m not the most tech guy ever that’s for sure lol. I play ps4 online but I do not own a actual computer lol I prob need someone to come to my house and hook it up bc in the video I seen it looked hard for me.
  18. I’m ranked 3rd rite now. ALCREZ I play on ps4. I agree I do need to attend some tournaments for sure. I’m actually going to attempt to attend every one there is coming up soon!! Mainly even more than just getting better or even improving, I just want to meet and greet all the many opponents I will be facing and build life long friendships! Nothing better than playing a game u love around a bunch of good company! I’m fixing to retire all together on madden and tecmo super bowl will be my full time hobby for at least next 10-20 years of course god willing.
  19. I perfectly understand sir. Can’t wait to meet everyone.
  20. This is something I’d really like to be a part of as long as it only lasts one day and I can travel back for work and stuff.
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