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  1. Brian St'Denis

    Sim Attributes? Can someone explain?!

    Yes sir. I've just been updating both, not knowing which one is doing what for the way I play which is COM v COM.
  2. Brian St'Denis

    Sim Attributes? Can someone explain?!

    Alright so only the attributes affect COM vs COM. Thanks, guys.
  3. Brian St'Denis

    Sim Attributes? Can someone explain?!

    What is SKP vs SKP?! So does the attributes only affect COM vs COM?
  4. Can someone explain Sim Attributes to me? Are these the only ones that matter if I'm doing COM vs COM? When editing a QB; what does Sim Run, Sim Pass, Sim Pocket actually mean? For RBs it's Sim Rush, Sim Catch, Sim Punt Ret, Sim Kick Ret, what do these mean? Lastly, what numbers are considered good? Great? Bad?
  5. Brian St'Denis

    Can I pay someone?

    So I have this XFL ROM that I have edited players' names, jersey numbers, jersey colors, and attributes, etc. and I'm at what I think is the last edit for this ROM. I want to edit the end zones and the midfield logo (I want it to be the XFL logo with red letters, right now they're white). I want the end zones to have the same XFL logo as the midfield. And have any HACKS that are already included in the TSB Tool Supreme to help the defense or offense (but in the games I have played, offense doesn't need help, defense does. Too many times WR are left WIDE OPEN). I do a lot of COM vs COM and I want the games to be as realistic as possible. So if you can throw any mods in there that will help me achieve that, I appreciate it. Instead of me trying to figure all this out, because I did look and it seems above my pay grade, I want to just Venmo someone to do it for me. Can something like that be done? I'm just trying to get this XFL ROM as complete as possible. I wish there was a way to change the ball color, but hey, it can't be perfect.
  6. Brian St'Denis

    Change Jersey Colors

    I got it! Thank you for the guidance
  7. Brian St'Denis

    TSB Editor - TSBTool Supreme - Season Generator

    I am having a hard time editing the color of jerseys on this XFL ROM I have. Can anyone help? I'm trying to edit the SF Demons who are the Patriots. I'm not seeing any COLORS line. I am seeing COLORS at the top of the editor but nothing by the actual teams.
  8. Brian St'Denis

    Change Jersey Colors

    I'm trying to find this General Manager v09 you mentioned
  9. Brian St'Denis

    Change Jersey Colors

    Is there a way to edit jersey colors? And if so, how can I do it?
  10. Brian St'Denis

    TSB Editor - TSBTool Supreme - Season Generator

    So what is listed in the text data and how do I avoid the cmd screen from telling me I have a regular NES ROM?
  11. Brian St'Denis

    TSB Editor - TSBTool Supreme - Season Generator

    Ohhhhhhh and just like that, it makes sense. what's the hex format for the number 10? 0A?
  12. Brian St'Denis

    TSB Editor - TSBTool Supreme - Season Generator

    When I put my ROM in, it says it is a Regular TSB ROM. So is there another editor I can use? I should note that it says this on the cmd screen. I can see the rosters and what not in the text box but can't find the code to edit quarter times. I'm assuming that's on the cmd screen
  13. Brian St'Denis

    New XFL

    I loved the original XFL. So I am all for the league to fire back up. I'm not much of an NFL guy so this a welcoming change for me. I miss the original.
  14. Brian St'Denis

    XFL Tecmo

    I know I'm a little late here but I just found this. Is there anyway to edit the L.A. Xtreme roster? "Death Blow" Jamal Duff isn't on the team.