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  1. 1. ACSlater 2. Never tried. But if necessary to participate in this league, I’m tech savvy and could figure it out 3. Steelers Fan but would represent any team (top 3 would be PIT, ATL, CIN)
  2. Battle of 0-2's playing for pride. AC wins toss and elects KC-MIA player121xk takes MIA AC wins toss and kicks first three drives go for TDs, 14-7 player leads at half AC scores on first drive of 2nd half to tie game 14-14 player fumbles after a called play completion Deberg hits McNair on P3, split back crossing route (TE) player fumbles again Deberg hits McNair on P3, split back crossing route (TE) Statistics nearly identical with 9 first downs apiece and total yardage within 10 as well. Fumbles cost player a chance. 28-14 final in favor of AC for first career thunderdome win. Now, who has a league slot open for me?!?!?
  3. Discord Handle: ACSlater Can you host?: no Your time zone: ET Best time for you to play: Weekday evenings between 9 pm - midnight are best, but am pretty flexible
  4. Spot on. I made the two-hour trip up to Tecmo Cleveland last year after hanging out with a few Clevelander friends the night before. Well worth it. Had a great time and would definitely be going back this year except for being out of the country that weekend. Bummer. Hope to make it in '19!
  5. Since my last post wasn’t deleted oddly, I’ll let Bruddog’s post prove my point. The Tecmo gods giveth and they taketh away. Just thought you weren’t giving the winner any credit (which conveniently changed after my post was deleted. Interesting. You or a friend must have forum supervisor powers, I see.). Congrats to HomerFu!
  6. Bitter much? Three non-Scott Case INTs sure sound like defensive stops to me... :)
  7. Awesome. Hoping to make it out for the one next Friday in Columbus. Thanks!
  8. What can be expected at the promotional events? Single elim tourney?
  9. Can the brackets for this be found anywhere online?
  10. Making my native voyage to Madison this year (pumped!) and I've gotten a kick out of the pun-inspired names for each year (i.e. - In the Ware Tonight, Something About Barry). Is there anywhere to find the complete list of each year's "theme name"? They crack me up. Thanks in advance.
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