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    LB4 Lurch Best Linebackers

    List of LOLB with starting RS/RP at Avg condition: 38/50: Green (LAR) Bennet (BUF) Haley (SF) Childress (HOU) Fletcher (DEN) 38/44: Banks (NYG) 31/44: Joyner (PHI) Is this the extent of our LB4's we'd attempt to lurch with?
  2. Ah gotcha, each region producing 22 teams for each bracket, makes sense. I read it incorrectly as 22 total to each bracket. To stay through the finals, what approximate time you think the whole thing will conclude? Trying to plan the return leg.
  3. So, assuming a full tournament of ~264 players, 66 will make the medal brackets (gold, silver, bronze), so obviously these are all 2-0 players from round robin. With up to 88 groups, this means some 2-0 group players will not even qualify for the medal brackets. Is there any other play for the non-bracket qualifiers or is their tournament done? Also, can you give me an idea of what kind of point differential or cut-off lines you think will separate qualifying Gold from Silver from Bronze, to not even making it? Are we talking a record of 2-0 and a +50 pt combined differential to make it to Gold bracket, and maybe something like +30 to make it to silver, +15 bronze? Or am I way off the mark with how this whole thing works? Sorry if these are noob questions, we just want to be prepared for our first trip up there. I'll definitely buy the first beer when I see you. Thx! Seamo
  4. Dave, Can you break down in a little more detail how the seeding for bracket play will work? Just doing the math, I can't figure out how group play will differentiate between the gold, silver, and bronze brackets. Is it simply record and then point differential? Tgx/S
  5. One of our group is recently single, so he'll be on the look out for the ladies for sure. Personally, I'm a wing guy and am always down to experience some local food/beer/music, etc.
  6. Good to know, thx! Now onto the important questions, what's the best bar in that downtown area?
  7. Well, I'm glad I asked the lurching question, apparently there was a bit of "grey area after all" . There's been some great feedback and all of it appreciated to help us prepare for our first trip. For the record I agree with expanding the lurching rule to include RB's, this opens quite a bit of the running playbook, although there is definitely some strat involved with playbooks and play options that gets discarded with this rule protecting those running plays. I think anything that helps expand the playbook packages is overall good for the game (although I confess that many of the videos I've watched are mostly using standard R&S heavy play packages.) So a question for you tournament vets, how often does a lurching violation happen in a tournament? Is this something we'll likely not see at all? If the first instance is only a warning, do I need to worry about someone lurching in a critical situation and taking their warning? There's obviously going to be situations where players could be tempted to use their warning to stop a critical third or fourth down play late in the game. It seems to be a pretty honest community, but I'm sure with 300 participants and a decent sized prize pool, there will be some outsiders looking to exploit the rules. And with the first two games being critical to making the Gold Pool for the championship run, there's little margin for error to get a shot at the trophy. For violations, the rule-book states: Typically, first offense is a warning, a second is a reduction in score, a third will be forfeiture of the game and fourth banned from the tournament. I think it'd also be wise to state EXACTLY what the penalties are for violations in the rule-book (like, how much reduction in score?). I realize you want to leave the judges some wiggle room to be able to punish clear cheaters, but as your tournament grows larger and strives to get more credibility in e-sports, it may be beneficial to make sure all rules as clearly defined as possible leaving little room for ambiguity. It may not be a big deal to the guys that drive an hour and play in the tournament, but in our case we're spending quite a bit of money to travel to this tournament, so the more official and structured the rules are, the more confidence the non-local player will feel travelling knowing the tournament is not just a glorified home game (just my opinion). Can't wait to play some Tecmo with you rust-belters! Seamo
  8. Hi all, So after several years of wanting to play in the Madison tournament (I think we started looking at it around 2008), three of us from Texas (Houston area) are finally able to make the trip for this year's Tecmo Madison XIV. We've all played since original release so we figure it's time to make the trip up north to take that trophy home to Texas. We registered for the tourney and booked our flights to arrive early Friday April 6th, but I have few questions I haven't been able to find answers for, hoping I can get some help from you guys, so here goes: 1.) I've read a few threads that mention "practice games in the hotels" prior to tournament play on Saturday. Can someone please help elaborate on this? Is there a particular hotel this happens at? Is there someone to contact to play in these practices sessions? We've never played in an official tournament, so would be nice to get a few games in prior to Saturday morning. 2.) Do we need to pack an bring our NES/controllers/cartridges to compete in these practice games (or the tournament itself)? Is the equipment at the tournament reliable or is there an advantage to bringing our own controllers at least? Obviously, it be easier to bring equipment if this was within driving distance, but prefer not to bring on a plane if possible. 3.) How does the seeding for the pools work, specifically in regards to newcomers being seeded? Is there some inherent disadvantage to newcomers such as being placed in brackets with high seeded regional winners or something, or is the pool play randomly seeded? 4.) Is the venue in a downtown area within walking distance to other bars/restaurants/nightlife? None of us have ever been to Wisconsin, so just curious what the area is like. 5.) What is the consequence if someone actually does "lurch"? It'd be nice to see some kind of video explaining exactly what is considered against the rules when a player controls a DL, as it seems to be a grey area if you circle the DL out and back in, if someone has a link. Thanks in advance and looking forward to meeting fellow Tecmo bowlers! Seamo