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  1. first off...thanx for all your hard work on putting this rom together, its the best up to date ROM in my opinion. The playbook additions have added a new dimension to the game play. the read option plays are a little tricky to get used to but once you get the hang of it you will find that they are great blitz beaters with the right QB. I only have one suggestion...do something with the "B" button during game play as a runner, Maybe it can be an offensive dive button to get that first down or touchdown. Ive seen a version where someone added a spin move(looks cool but doesnt really add to the game play) and other commands for the "B" button( like move the QB to the shotgun position before the snap on any pass play, seems like a cool feature). I dont expect you to copy the others guys ROM features but "B" button use seems inevitable , besides there are so many options to have when using an extra button command. I dont really know anything about programming or game editing and I would assume it would be a tall order to add such features as they might require some reprogramming to the game files. This is only a suggestion to improve upon the work you have done so far, if I were more game tech savvy I would attempt to add these changes myself but I'm terrible at that kinda stuff, Hexadecimal what!?! lol...Overall tho you have done a masterful job so far and I hope you continue to add upon your work and keep releasing new updates.
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