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  1. GAME DAY, BITCHEZ!!!!!!!! "In all kinds of warfare, the direct approach is used for attack, but the oblique is what achieves victory. A general who understands the use of the oblique has a source of tactics as inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth, which, like the Rivers and the Oceans, will never run dry. Like the Sun and Moon, they diminish and then replenish; they constantly renew themselves like the cycle of the Four Seasons. There are only five basic notes in music, but their variations are infinite. There are only five primary colours, but when blended, their shades and hues are limitless. There are only five principal tastes, but their combinations produce more flavours than can ever be tasted. In military strategy, there is only the direct and the oblique, but between them they offer an inexhaustible range of tactics. The direct and the oblique lead naturally one into the other, like an ever-turning wheel, so who can ever exhaust their resource? The surge of rolling flood-water washes away boulders: this is called momentum. The swoop of a falcon strikes and kills its prey: this is called timing. Thus for a skilled warrior, his momentum must be irresistible and his timing precise. Momentum is the tension in a crossbow arm; timing is the pulling of the trigger." --sun tzu, the art of war
  2. well you see grip, theres strategies---and then theres TACTIX...... and tomorrow when you behold my *real* sig, you will know i have mastered both on my way to yet another CFT sig championship.... oh, AND Supah Bowl title!!! {and yeah, bubbles will be there doin' work once again!}
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