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  1. dont even tease about steppin' in the PN-DUB, HANK... you aint got the ENDURANCE, mang... either step dafuq up and SHOW UP... or else keep clappin' that keyboard like a PAPER LION, hank... not likely, not likely......... bitch
  2. this is some binary shit, hank...... and you coming up on the end of AINT SHIT, hank..... dafuq u even tryin' to say, HANK... you aint shit, man, less than tecmo dirty, less than SHIT, hank... dafuq mang
  3. this is the pinnacle of tecmo sport right here... siegheil, kings---you are doing the gods' work
  4. Curt Warner and Fightin' Feasel together AGAIN?!? May that team deeply inhale the spirit of Ground Chuck Knox and take all the 8-bit air out of the ball..... FTW!!!
  5. due to a heretofore unheeded calendrical conflict, i sadly must take a rain check on all them soulzzz....... ie, cant make it: gl and glrw, fellas
  6. twister, always twister..... still looking forward to a fear and loathing in madison with him
  7. depending on who you are, i am either gonna rip the tecmo soul out of your chest like its an old band-aid... or play it slow, like a seal-tossing orca...... either way, ima gonna get em, ALL THE SOULZ
  8. season status: the cheefs are currently in extended training camp, owing to a recent labor war between tecmo and red dead..... status to be updated as updates roll in
  9. and there we have it: THE TECMO ON ACID CHALLENGE #001 --Elway and Grogan will be my quarterbacks, who plays at any given time will be coach's decision, but they are expected to put team first and egos second, that has been made clear in a team mtg tonite... every play we must either pass it before 3 tecmo seconds elapses (hike and strike) OR pass/run it with qb after thirty tecmo seconds elapse... so calling pass plays ONLY this season --gonna try and use the random playbook hack --franchise will be KC CHEEFS... rest of offense will be Indy RBs (except Anthony Johnson traded to DAL for Tommie Agee), Indy WTs (except Mobley traded to SEA for Ron Heller), SEA OL (w/ Fightin' Feasel upgraded to 69hp) --defense will be Indy defense, except... Spielman at NT, Deion at LB2 (freDD moved to LB3 to collect picked play sacks), Bruce at DB4 (but if manned Bruce can only blitz, no coverage) --never punt, field goals are optional --will think on a few more hacks to throw in there as well, need to catch up on whatever bru has been cooking lately
  10. awesome possum! keep em coming fellas, cuz now i am committing myself to incorporate ALL the ideas posted in this thread into my Challenge Season (post deadline: dec. 24)... yes, even Grogan and the Bullet Challenge will become compatible once i toss them into my tecmo blender... just add a little tecmagination, an everdrive cart, and out comes a whole lotta FUN.
  11. GREASE ME UP, WOMAN! cuz once again it is that TIME!............... TIME to oil up, go down to the olde 8-Bit River and find some Tecmo Gods to wrestle......... aka, TIME to get up, get down, and <hopefully> play out of my goddamn mind vs. the always nefarious and, at times, inscrutably difficult CPU.......... aka, TIME for my annual Xmas time Tecmo Challenge Season: in which I play my ass off over the course of one massively self-(over)HYPED season of tecmo, which could only ever end in one of two possible ways: (1) with a BANG, as my team hews an epic road to eternal Super Bowl-winning glory, OR! <insert ominous sounding music here> (2) with a WHIMPER, as my team melodramatically perishes in the attempt [thats right, bubba: NO RESETS!]........ *albeit* a season with unique self-imposed rules (aka "challenges") to bump the difficulty level up, ideally also serving to amplify the season's narrative potential, all or some of the results of which (game recaps, box scores, vids, streams, etc.) will be recorded here on tborg for the record, for posterity, and for mass entertainment (ok, mostly my own navel-gazing entertainment, i admit, but maybe gonick will check in with a wry comment or two somewhere down the line... we could all be so lucky!). Past episodes of Tecmo Challenge Seasons I have conducted include: The JJ Magical Mystery Tour, The Pagel Bites Challenge, The Mudbone Challenge, an Eric Dickerson one (which I may have never finished) and a handful more, at least some of which have been recorded here on tborg somewhere. But the main point of this here thread is precisely this: YOU CREATE MY CHALLENGE. Tell me what players, limitations, or whatever you want me to take on for this year's season, and I will accept them if they tickle my fancy..... so, CALLING ALL IDEAS! lets hear them....... oh, and by the way, I will be playing on an Everdrive, so edited players, teams, hacks, etc. are all OPEN SEASON. Lastly, I will start playing on xmas day and finish by the end of the year, so I have a week as of this post to gather and consolidate ideas........ ~mahalo, tecmigos!
  12. I remember reading the instruction manual as my mother drove my 12yo ass home from wherever we bought the game... and how the fanciful descriptions of gameplay and soaring narrative arcs hinted at in the team capsules so completely spun my imagination that the first I thing I did when I checked the game was to see if Barry Sanders bounced off tacklers just like he did so amazingly in real life... so after setting it up I gave Barry a run and YEP! he was bouncing off tacklers... (you know, like how all tecmo ball carriers bounce off grappling tandems on the field)... but I didn't know that at the time, and that was all I had time to check that first night... so the next day at school (7th grade), I am telling everybody how realistic it is, it even has Barry Sanders bouncing off guys, just like in real life!... heady days.
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