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  1. NO he does NOT! because in kamp's infinite wisdom, he already had the trophy made and delivered to me... I extracted the gold from that and all my other tecmo trophies and medals, melted them down... and let's just say I will CYA ON JULY 28!!!
  3. manYo720

    Favorite music while playing TSB

    when I'm in that "OFF-SET EYE, RIDE OR DIE" mentality...
  4. the only EXCELLENCE johnny gonna see at CFT2 is the excellent bedside service from Nurse Mary at Tecmo Hospital... he'll be beGGing for a 3-game stay cuz she'll be changing his sheets 2WICE a day.... but everybody already knows johnny's a LuSHHHH whereas everybody KNOWS BO, cuz everybody's read that story in his autobiography <right?> about how he sowed his wild oats in college running to his girlfriends house inbetween two-a-days, jumping over 15ft ditches and skipping lunch so he could get all that out of the way early in life and grow up to play tecmo like a Real Man (yo!)..... (so in other words he'll only be in for the one-game stay..... a couple times prolly cuz fuck gettin' OOB with #32 on the back, snatches]
  5. manYo720

    Poetry Hour

    CFT2 haiku #17 Da Rufus, johnny's roof is, Da Rufus on fire-- LET THE MOFO BURN
  6. manYo720

    Poetry Hour

    CFT2 haiku #1 guaranteed leader of yards, rushes, touchdowns, thrills-- dig, #unstoppaBO
  7. manYo720

    TSB trivia game

  8. manYo720

    TSB trivia game

    ANSWERS (AV in parentheses): 1-Warren Moon (166) 7- John Elway (203) 8-Steve Young (171) 13-Dan Marino (216) 16-Joe Montana (146) 20-Barry Sanders (150) 22-Emmit Smith (170) 26-Rod Woodson (190) 27-Steve Atwater (98) 32-Marcus Allen (142) 36-Leroy Butler (109) 38-Eugene Daniel (81) 41-Eugene Robinson (123) 42-Ronnie Lott (161) 46-Tim McDonald (92) 48-Wes Hopkins (72) 50-Mike Singletary (159) 51-Sam Mills (126) 56-LT (182) 57-Rickey Jackson (160) 58-DT (138) 61-Nate Newton (105) 64-Randall McDaniel (164) 65-Gary Zimmerman (131) 67-Stan Brock (115) 74-Bruce Matthews (210) 76-Steve Wisniewski (138) 78-Bruce Smith (223) 79-Ray Childress (110) 80-Jerry Rice (250) 84-Gary Clark (107) 91-Kevin Greene (121) 92-Reggie White (218) 95-Richard Dent (119) 96-Clyde Simmons (114)
  9. manYo720

    TSB trivia game

    Sorting by "Career Adjusted Value (AV)," a metric calculated by Pro Football Reference which sums all the AV scores for each of a player's seasons (so basically the better AND longer a player's career, the higher their Career AV), how many tecmo players had the highest Career AV for their respective uniform #'s in NFL history? The ANSWER is 35 tecmo players lead or are tied for the lead in Career AV for their respective uniform #'s..... now, how many of them can you name given the uniform #? Here are their uniform #'s: #1- #7- #8- #13- #16- #20- #22- #26- #27- #32- #36- #38- #41- #42- #46- #48- #50- #51- #56- #57- #58- #61- #64- #65- #67 #74- #76- #78- #79- #80- #84- #91- #92- #95- #96-
  10. yesterday was 49 DAYZ UNTIL CFT2... giving us CFT2 players like Tony TURN THE Paige (RAI), or...... DB4 for JoeyHoneyBee's GIGANTES..... Dennis THE MENACE Smith
  11. fitty, RB coach for the Cheefs:
  12. aka Fightin' Feasel... aka Chuck Knox's football spirit animal... aka Breno Giacomini before Breno Giacomini was Breno Giacomini... aka 80's seahawk legend 4eva