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  1. manYo720

    Week 6 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    hello sports and betting fans, tborg's resident FOOSBALL JENIOUS here after spending 80+ hours in the lab this week, ready to drop some HOT PICKS into your lap (merry easter) for you to bet with on all your favorite offshore betting sites: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants -- NYG (shit shit shit shit shit) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons -- TB (creamsicle teampickle dreamtickle) Carolina Panthers vs. Washington Redskins -- WAS (redskins purpleskins blueskins) Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders -- SEA (michael DICKS-ON for dinnah!!!!!!!) Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets -- IND (seriosuly who cares) Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings -- ARI (vikes like dikes) Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals -- CIN (who dey, poo day, blew jay) Los Angeles Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns -- CLE (dawg pOuOuOuNd!!!!!!!) Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Texans -- BUF (who let the bison out?!?!? WHO? WHO-WHO-WHO???) Chicago Bears vs. Miami Dolphins -- MIA (trubisky stinkisky) Los Angeles Rams vs. Denver Broncos -- DEN (snow game BEEOTCH) Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans -- TEN (i can name one player on the titans... mariota?) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys -- JAX (florida's 3rd string team > america's team ALL DAY, woooo!) Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots -- KC (peters picks a peck of perfect picks) San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers -- SF (retch bletch fetch) {ps -- I would like to point out the standard in the NFL for putting a game's opponents in print is to put the home team vs. away team, or away team @ home team... because of this eGGregious mistake, I expect my wins and losses to be reversed, thus likely putting me into a commanding lead... thank you.}
  2. manYo720

    Week 6 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    gigantes > aguilas
  3. manYo720

    Number Association Game

    #84..... I wish it wasn't so, but this number, despite all the great players who have worn it, always makes me think of Joey Galloway....... such a mixed bag for the Seahawks: big plays followed by big drops.... tough catches in traffic, followed by alligator arms attempts..... his primadonna holdout in 1999, when Hawks started 8-2, then faded bigtime after he returned (lost to Marino in playoffs, Joey did squat)..... but then got us TWO 1st round picks after 1999?!?! gracias, cowboys...... I remember thinking I forgive him for everything after that haul....... was always ambivalent about this guy, never a big fan, never a big hater, but appreciated his talent and it looked like he gave his all.... most of the time.
  4. manYo720

    Tourney SubForum Update

  5. manYo720

    (Tool) Tecmo Super App - Android

    useful app in a pinch, but... it would be MUCH more helpful if it listed the defensive players by alignment instead of by skill rank within their position groups... which is why i wouldnt use it in a tournament instead of a printout, to see the alignments at a glance
  6. manYo720

    Week 5 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots IND (fuck my Luck) Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills BUF (buffalo's biorthythmic blossoms) Atlanta Falcons vs. Pittsburgh Steelers ATL (steve sarkisian's sarsaparilla) Denver Broncos vs. New York Jets NYJ (kearse's karate krew) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Kansas City Chiefs JAX (bortles chortles flortles) Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions DET (golden's gritty gyrations) Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns CLE (hue's heuristic hashbrownies) New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers NYG (cam's cacophonous calamities) Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals MIA (tannehill's tawny tortillas) Oakland Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers OAK (beastmode's greasetoad feastcode) Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers ARI (shanahan's sheisty shenanigans) Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles MIN (feagle's beagle's eagles) Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks SEA (LET ME PUT MIKE DICKSON ON YA SHOULDAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!) Dallas Cowboys vs. Houston Texans HOU (texas sexist breakfast) Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints WAS (who fuckin cares)
  7. manYo720

    Week 5 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    hey yooooo......
  8. manYo720

    Week 4 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    ok, spent some SERIOUS time in THE LAB this week, purdy sure I cooked up quite a few winners, if not a perfecto, because after all I am a Foosball Jenious, which you will all soon recognize if I just stop gettin'' so goddamn unlucky, so here we go: Minnesota Vikings vs. Los Angeles Rams VIKES (yikes) New York Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars JAGS (if you've never drank jager for breakfast i can't trust you) Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots DOLFINOS (did you know: I like Texas grapefruits more than florida ones) Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tennessee Titans EAGLES (the eagles coach is from the greatest state in the union) Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts TEXANS (JJ Watt healed quicker cuz jager for breakfast) Buffalo Bills vs. Green Bay Packers BILLS (did you know: I lost my bills stocking cap while canoeing in willapa harbor... i wonder where it washed up and what they thought) Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys LIONS (matt "damon" patricia tosses a shutout, but really just cowboys offense sucks) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Chicago Bears BUCS (vita vea, bitches!) Cincinnati Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons FALCONS (sometimes i read books, and i never read books about cincinnatti) Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals SEAHAWKS (my michael dickson {1st ballot HOF P} jersey has arrived... prob game-worn, but he's a punter so who knows) Cleveland Browns vs. Oakland Raiders BROWNS (duh) New Orleans Saints vs. New York Giants GIANTS (who cares) Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers RAVENS (did you know: ravens are like the black cats of the bird kingdom) Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos CHIEFS (did you know: the chiefs wear a bright red, or sometimes white, uniform... never pink)
  9. manYo720

    Week 4 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    THURSDAY NITE: Minny @ Rams -- MINNESOTA: Mcvay's spiraling L.A. cocaine habit finally starts to catch up with him as the boy genius melts down at end of game. will get the rest of my picks in this weekend
  10. i wonder tho if this idea, IF applied over the course of a few seasons, would increase the overall juice of the rom? and it was already pretty juicy, imo and notwithstanding conditions and injuries... so maybe, going forward, if not doing it this draft, i would propose increasing the price of players/tandems drafted in the first 3 rounds to go up $2, everyone else drafted after that $1, and undrafteds drop $1 (but not less than .5)... or some other smarter idea to help balance or even diminish the juice... also proposing we bump the $0 players up to .5 and just make that our universal floor.
  11. manYo720

    It Was a Good Day

    A thread dedicated to the greatest rap song of all-time... and to all the Good Days we be livin' out there.
  12. manYo720

    Poetry Hour

    I once rode in an elevator w/ Ryan Leaf---after college, but before he got drafted---it was going down---true story.
  13. manYo720

    Week 3 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    CLE -- Yo, these Brownies are for real, dawg. ATL -- ATLiens never die. GB -- Fudge packers got sumpin cookin' this year... dammit. PHI -- I hear the eagles are good, and the colts are bad... film at 4:20. MIN -- The Buffalo Jills got their work cut out for them this season. OAK -- Beastmode on the Bear Grylls show a few years ago was CLASSIC. BAL -- Denver playing at sea level? Too much oxygen, methinks. CIN -- Cam Newton bugs the shit out of me. HOU -- Eli Manning, retire already. JAX -- Wouldn't mind seeing Shad Kahn win the SB, cuz moustache. KC -- Sumpin brewing in Kool-Aid town?! Ahhhh shit! LAC -- Rivers gonna gunsling his team to the upset... also, fuck McVay. SEA -- But only if my Michael Dickson jersey gets here before game time. ARI -- Arizona is pretty fuckin' bad alright, but so is the Bears QB... like, WOW! bad. DET -- Patricia planted a secret camera in the Pats office before he left. TB -- Did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard?
  14. manYo720

    Week 2 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals -- CIN (simmerin' succostash: DUB!) Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons -- ATL (steve so-co sarkisian) Los Angeles Chargers @ Buffalo Bills -- LAC (bills, oi, oi!) Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers -- GB (curly lambeau fries) Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans -- HOU (oilers karma payback) Cleveland Browns @ New Orleans Saints -- CLE (dawg pound beignets) Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets -- NYJ (hunter green machine) Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers -- PIT (tomlin gut instincts) Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- TB (butthole surfers: "florida") Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins -- IND (ground control: "c-mike") Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams -- LAR (fuck mcvay forever) Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers -- DET (luke willson roar) Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos -- OAK (beast mode goat) New England Patriots @ Jacksonville Jaguars -- JAX (jax stacks sacks) New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys -- DAL (pickle jerry's brain) Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears -- SEA (dickson your shoulder)
  15. wow, thanks bru... just saw this thread, and I have an AVS and am gonna try it out this wkd