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  1. STILL TO COME: Ernie Stautner, The Easter Bunny, The Hamburglar .... and MOAR??!! (NOTE: the "juice" numbers for each coach are subject to revision until all player ratings are finalized, sometime in the next few days... at which time I will publish a USFL Draft Manual (PDF) with finalized ratings for all players and coaches before we start rollin'...)
  2. the MACHINE franchise has been taken off the board... for non-gary reasons, but reasons all the same
  3. yeah, cool..... pick a city or locale of your choice to base the Galaxy in
  4. "USFL in 1974??! DAFUUUUUUQ!!!" yeah yeah, man, i hear ya, and i actually got an answer for that, someday... but first, a few DETAILS: 21 TEAMS! Twenty-one is the Magic Number... 21 of the 28 teams on the USFL/WLAF ROM... here’s how to sign up, and who has signed up so far: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/71317-usfl-~1974~-teams-sign-ups/ ROSTERS! The player pool for this season's USFL draft will be drawn primarily from 1974 NFL rosters... but with a few twists! DUDE, a 420-game schedule! Every team is scheduled to play every other team TWICE, alternating home/away… which means a 40-game schedule will be assigned to each team… but WHOA--you will NOT need to play them all, cuz the Regular Season will END as soon as either: 60 days has elapsed from the initial Regular Season ROM drop, OR… 71.4% of all scheduled games have been played (71.4% of 420 games = 300 games) whichever comes first! PLAYOFFS, PART 1: “THERE’S A PARTY OVER HERE FUCK YOU OVER THERE!” That’s right, ALL TEAMS with 12+ total GAMES PLAYED by the end of the Regular Season will MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Playoff teams will be SEEDED by (in order): Regular Season Wins Regular Season Games Played Point Differential !Dice Parser PLAYOFFS, PART 2: “PLAYOFFS?!!” each Playoff Round will pair the lowest seeds vs. the highest seeds in a best-of-3 series, where the higher seed is home team in Games 1 and 3, and lowest seed is home for Game 2 participants will have 10 days to complete their series, after which time if games are still unplayed, El Commish will decide if there is enough proof to advance one of them in the playoffs, or if he shines his boots on the both of em playoffs will continue in this manner, single-elimination style, until only ONE USFL ~1974~ CHAMPION remains ALIGNMENTS! teams may align their rosters just ONE TIME before ALL Regular Season ROMS are released in the Playoffs, teams will have some time before EACH Round to re-align their squads, if they wish ROM! The USFL/WLAF ROM (attached at bottom of post) will be the base ROM for our league, and we will add minimal hacks, trying to keep it on the OG as much as possible… hacks known at this time to be on this ROM are: various cosmetic stuff, and all credit for that goes to DENNY and JSTOUT, fathers of this beautiful USFL/WLAF ROM bruddog’s NON-FLICKER hack BRUDTOPIA! We will be utilizing Bruddog’s non-flicker NESTOPIA, check the tborg for the LATEST GREATEST VERSION: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/53066-guide-playing-tsb-online-for-dummies-pc/ DRAFT! “In some circles, a USFL TECMO DRAFT is a far far better thing than the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, and the Lower Oakland Roller Derby Finals all rolled into one.” DRAFT SHEETS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y12QXHZqGJmfIbxD3rSjjP5zi6AUhKW8/view?usp=sharing initial DRAFT ORDER will be determined solely by dice-parser, with teams slotted #1-21 using that Draft Order, a 15-ROUND SNAKE DRAFT will commence and continue until all teams have filled the following POSITIONS: HEAD COACH QB1 RB1 RB2 WT1 WT2 WT3 BACKUPS OL DL LB1/4 LB2/3 DB1/2 DB3/4 K/P Snake Draft will begin in a ROLLING state for the first few rounds… and hopefully stay rolling until the end, but we will time-limit it out as necessary, with plenty of warning given “Coach Juice”! After the Snake Draft, the “juice” provided by each team’s Head Coach will be added to the rosters… however, no attributes may be improved by Coach Juice beyond the following ATTRIBUTE CAPS (also on the Draft Sheet): QB: tbd RB: tbd WT: tbd OL: tbd DL: tbd LB: tbd DB: tbd “Hometown” Lewis! Each team in the USFL is required to roster ONE local player on their roster… so after the Snake Draft, and after Coach Juice is calculated, each team must CUT one player from their roster, then SIGN their “Hometown” Lewis to that same roster spot… then dice parser will roll the attributes for that player, based on the probability rates prescribed by each team’s Head Coach Teams may choose the first name (and face) for their “Hometown” Lewis, but the last name is, and forever will be, LEWIS… if you do not present a first name at the time he is rolled, a name will be chosen for you. Check the LEWIS tab on the Draft Sheet to see the three possible attribute rolls for each position. Website! We will be using Dynastyphile… make sure you got an account: http://tecmobowl.net/main/default.php IN-GAME RULES: POSITION LIMITATIONS: RBs can play any position without restriction. WTs (WRs & TEs) can play any position, but THEY MAY NEVER RUN THE BALL FROM THE RB POSITION. As to which players are classfiied as RBs, and which are WTs... these will be defined {officially} on the Draft Sheet. if a player runs the ball with a WT and their opponent speaks out on that point at any point before the next play is run... the penalty should be the offending team's choice of either LOSS OF DOWN (run a play OOB) or PUNT... if the objection is raised AFTER another play has been run, there will be no enforced penalty. NO LURCHING: "When crossing over the line of scrimmage WITHIN the restricted circle with a DL, before making a play on the ball carrier, you must first bump or grapple with an opposing player who is not the ball carrier. There are no restrictions on DL when the offense is in the shotgun or when crossing over the line of scrimmage OUTSIDE the restricted circle." FOURTH MAN DOWN: Use of fourth man down on PATs and FGs is completely and 100% street LEGAL. ONSIDE KICKS: Onside kicks are legal at any point in the game. TACKLING IN END ZONE: All is fair in love and war. DESYNCS: In the event of a game desyncing, the owners involved need to man up and sort it out. If they can't, the commissioner will make a determination about what should be done. Generally speaking, the game ought to be replayed from the point of the desync if possible. NO QUITTING / NO ASSHOLES: Do not quit, give up, forfeit, or throw any USFL league game. Always compete to win, and always strive to maintain the integrity (standings, statistics and general well-being) of this tremendous league. Do not skip the coin toss unless there is mutual agreement to do so. After the game, if you lose, you must allow a reasonable amount of time for your opponent to get a save state and stop the NSV. Don't be an "asshole" in-game either, which can be defined in a variety of ways, but for now shall remain the sole discretion of El Commish to interpret and enforce. Remember though, in case you ever need to file a complaint, to ALWAYS RECORD... for without video proof it's far less likely any action will be taken on your behalf for any in-game douchebaGGery. CHEATING: No collusion between owners. No using turbo. No using the play-picking program. Conditions Checkers is a-ok. CONSEQUENCES OF CHEATING: You will take a long walk off a short dock. COMPLAINTS: If you think your opponent has broken any of the game rules or the game was unplayable due to lag or desynchs, please register your complaint with them. If a just conclusion is not reached between the two contestants, or if the violation affects the result of the game, then you may file a complaint AFTER THE GAME with the commissioner by sending him a PM, preferably. Cases of game rule violations will be dealt with on a game-by-game basis; possible penalties may include, but are not limited to, a forced replay or forfeited win. STANDING ORDERS / CATITUDINALS: coming soon NSVs CREDITS and SHOUTOUTS: Denny and Jstout… for putting mad hours of work in on the helmets and other stylings on our base ROM, which you can find more info on here: dt… the mind behind the “head coaching” spin on tecmo drafts, which is modified here for our USFL purposes toolie... I used the HSRL 1974 ROM as a base for the ratings bruddog… cuz he’s bruddog kamphuna… the rock that keeps USFL from flying too far out into space and totally disintegrating altogether dirtyT… father of the USFL heavy robot pigeon program… tremendous work, honestly bone… keeper of the kool-aid, pound town represent! ALL GLORY TO THE TECMO GODS! newer_usfl_wlaf_tsb_fixed.nes
  5. player, City/Team Name (HELMET/UNIFORM) manyo, Quito Fuego (FIRE) kamphuna, Grit City Breakers (BREAKERS) ol dirty tecmo, Havana Rebels (BANDITS) mack, Hell Invaders (INVADERS) timbone, Pound Town Panthers (PANTHERS) madtown, Madtown Maulers (MAULERS) jonnyv, Orlando Thunder (THUNDER) nelson79, Knoxville Knights (KNIGHTS) prime, Atlanta Outlaws (OUTLAWS) twister, Hollywoo Stallions (STALLIONS) speed, Houston Gamblers (GAMBLERS) 001, San Francisco Demons (DRAGONS) gripsmoke, Zagreb Zig Zags (tbd) xtralargent, Wenatchee Gunslingers (SLINGERS) rico, ??? Galaxy (GALAXY) azcards77, Wichita Surge (SURGE) dt, Bremerton Bulls (BULLS) ??? ??? ??? ???
  6. The process for choosing a USFL ~1974~ team is: select an original WLAF/USFL TEAM... scroll down this post to see what's available: ALTERNATIVE A: choose a TEAM, but invent your own mascot name---so long as it loosely matches the helmet design ALT. B: design your own helmet and come up with whatever mascot name you want that matches it... just know that uniform color changes require prior approval, and will be restricted based on how they contrast vs. other team uniforms choose a city or locale in which to base your team... anywhere in the world! POST THAT SHIT!!!!! either here or Discord... and welcome to USFL, a league of EXTRAORDINARY! Tecmo Gentlemen... expect a heavy robotic carrier pigeon to arrive anyday now with your care package and marching orders. DETAILS ON THIS LEAGUE: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/71319-usfl-time-machine-~1974~-info-rules-stories/
  7. GET FUCKIN READY!!!!!!!! IT IS ~1974~..... millionaire twenty-eight year-old Donald Jj. Trump has arrived back in America, fresh off a 90-day retreat with the famous Indian guru, Pavel Lewis...... a vison quest stirs him to start a brand new football league.......... for country, for guru, for weirdness: THE UNITED STATES FOOTBALL LEAGUE------
  8. I've made an ~unofficial~ logo if anybody wants to use it in their sigs... says "SEASON 1" under it in white, you just can't see that here, cuz transparency...
  9. NE DL Goad / LB Singleton / DB McSwain if those guys aren't available, just gimme the best set of Jets avail...... mahalo
  10. TPC TSB Tap Meter ROM with JUICE MAXED, as in the COM plays like your team is 16-0, except for every game regardless of your record...... some like it HOT!
  11. das boltz select... Tha Penultimate Weapon.... Johnny Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. jah jah jah das boltz takin'... NYG dl Erik the red Howard / lb Gary critique of pure Reasons / db Mark tom Collins
  13. select Oberleutnant Dave Meggett
  14. das boltz select... WT Ace Ventura
  15. haha, "battles"---- I never beat ya, larry, and it was never close----hell, i can probably count the mistakes you've made in all the tecmo games I've seen you play on one hand..... anyway, embarrasing fact about me: I bought a PS a few years ago, and since then I've bought the Show the last two years running, and have played a total of ZERO games.... I think I took batting practice ONCE, so basically I've pissed ~$100 down the drain and not gonna succumb to my spring fever in that way again, I've promised myself.... but the DESIRE to play a great baseball game is there, no doubt, and if I ever find myself actually going down the path of actually playing the Show, I will look you up no doubt, brother------
  16. sounds interesting, larry legend, but alas I just don't have the time right now to partake...... really I'm just here to say: YR STILL THE GOAT TECMO PLAYER!!!!! best I've ever played, at least---
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