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  1. All respect to Tom Brady, but greatest QB can't be a title someone holds when the NFL changes the rules to make it easier for you. On a positive note, I love that you are that amped about Tecmo All time Roster creation as I am. I am curious did you base it on stats with upgrades and downgrades based on rules changes? or is just based on stats with no outside factors?
  2. Would this mean a defender with 81 MS is equal to 181 offense MS
  3. Essentially anything below 50 is 0? That would mean any score below 50 is pointless
  4. Is this the correct correlation between RS and what speed it equal if it was max speed? MS 50 RS 94 to 100 44 81 to 88 38 69 to 75 31 56 to 63 25 44 to 50 19 31 to 38 13 19 to 25 6 6 to 13
  5. Has anyone figured out how defense MS works? does it even matter since apparently it all goes to 100 MS eventually? or is the 100 added to the current MS so if the player had 56 MS it would eventually get to 156 once the defense boost kicks in?
  6. Would you Bump this test file to 8 minutes, I would like to see what happens with the sim stats Test.nes
  7. I looked at everything in the playbook and it looks like the best way to do it without messing everything up and creating too much work would be to just have two types of 4/3 defenses; 4/3 right = ROLB gets moved up to line of scrimmage but at same width as he was before and the RE becomes RDT and the DT becomes LDT no moving them, or 4/3 left = the LOLB gets moved up to line of scrimmage but at same width as he was before and the LE becomes LDT and the DT becomes RDT no moving them.
  8. There was a version on here that had it hacked so that only the ball carrier could push pull. Does anyone know what to change the code to, to make this happen?
  9. Who would be the guy to chat with about inputting defensive formations?
  10. yes but this hack makes my QB throw for 7000 yards, the original adds up to 50% not 100%, It should be RB1 2% RB2 11% WR1 13% WR2 13% TE1 11%
  11. Where is this string. I would like to change it to 8-minute quarters
  12. Since there are no pointers for offense sim like there is for defense. Where run and pass have their own rating. I was trying to think of a way to sim an offense. Instead of the old RB1RB2WR1WR2TE1*Random. You make a variety of offenses that have different read progressions. Spread, Westcoast, Zone, Vertical, etc. Can match personnel or offensive philosophies so you can somewhat have a coach. That Coach can be represented by the run vs pass, the formations, and now a read progression. Formation 00 2RB2WR 01 1RB3WR 02 1RB4WR RunPass 01 Run Heavy 00 Run Balanced 02 Pass Balanced 03 Pass Heavy Formation RunPass = Order of read for sim 0001=WR1 WR2 TE1 RB2 RB1 (0304050201) 0000=WR2 WR1 TE1 RB2 RB1 (0403050201) 0002=WR1 TE1 WR2 RB2 RB1 (0305040201) 0003=WR2 TE1 WR1 RB2 RB1 (0405030201) 0101=WR1 WR2 RB2 TE1 RB1 (0304020501) 0100=WR2 WR1 RB2 TE1 RB1 (0403020501) 0102=WR1 RB2 WR2 TE1 RB1 (0302040501) 0103=WR2 RB2 WR1 TE1 RB1 (0402030501) 0201=TE1 WR1 WR2 RB2 RB1 (0503040201) 0200=RB2 WR1 WR2 TE1 RB1 (0203040501) 0202=RB2 WR2 WR1 TE1 RB1 (0204030501) 0203=TE1 WR2 WR1 RB2 RB1 (0504030201)
  13. Does the computer during simmed games use a time matrix set to 20 minutes of play time to sim the game?
  14. the player thrown short 0 3 6 check tackle 1 is it possible to set 0 to flatten, 3 to bounce, 6 to be flattened then just make that the universal no matter the ball carrier, non ball carrier offense or defense.
  15. Football field hacked to remove crowds. Need help figuring out why the crowd strings blink. Does anyone know the answer for this? I also can't find the string for the down markers. I would like to just get rid of them because it is preventing me from widening the field. Where is that string? Should be somewhere in this range x2C480 to x2CFA0 Legends of the Gridiron.nes
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