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  1. No I am talking about on Offense. When you are the runner in the original game if you ran into an engaged player you just bounced off repeatedly. Also when players are engaged they don't move. The hack I am talking about allows players to be pushed and pulled and allows the running back to knock over engaged players. I know the defensive hack that you provided the link for, I am looking for the offense version.
  2. Someone on here had a mod that had the runner having the push forward or back only for the ball carrier. I can't find it now but I was hoping someone on here would remember how to do that. The linemen pushing and pulling becomes a problem when getting bowled over pushing into another defender.
  3. I had adjusted the formations so it was easier but I have readjusted so you want to the players are spaced better and the players are in the right spots. I adjusted that rate for the 2nd player using the code that changes the bounce of the ball for player two. Now it bounces back about 20 percent of the time. so the bar cant be adjusted.
  4. How or where is the place for the code on engaged players? I want to adjust it to if you run into a player (off or def) I want it to be if you have less combined strength you get dropped or popcorned. If you have more combined but less than double the other player you just do the bounce off the player like the running back does on the original game. and if you have more than double the strength then you flatten or popcorn that player.
  5. Where is the code that determines who and when a loose ball is picked up. I feel like it is to easy to recover onside kicks. Also is there a way to change the kick bar so that the onside blue bar is very small in length and falls somewhere between 11 and 22 in the 00-FF scale. meaning you have to push the button then to get the onside kick.
  6. TSB III. I mean having the depth chart specifically. I'd like to have subs on defense and choice as to what formation you play
  7. okay. Not trying to get to complex, thought it would be easy to add a partial field on each side. Wouldn't even change the offense let them line up the same just have five extra yards off screen on each side. The other question I have is about the Def formations. I studied the thread in the link for it but I still don't quite understand, I've played around a bit with the string area. I would rather move the LOLB to the LE position and just have a strong side 4-3 with the ROLB being the Elephant position blitzer. This is what I got so far. See attached. I actually think there is a lot of wasted space in the play formations and strings. I broke it down this way. You have 8 offensive formations. with 4 plays each. You have 2 defensive formations. The offensive plays should stay the same no matter what. No difference in the way they set up based on what defensive play is picked or in the patterns they run. You cut out lots of space this way. and remove a bunch on not needed extra formations. Defense is a different monster. I see lots of these mods having presnap movement and such and that is issue and here is why. The problem with having motion and different formations based on what you pick is that it gives away not only whether you picked the play it also helps to know which each person is doing every play. If you have them all look the same then there is no keying pre snap. I broke it down like this. each up and down slot when picked on defense. sends the normal three blitzers for the 3/4 but it also sends the either the top two linebackers or bottom two depending on up or down or the only the top LB and middle bottom LB or bottom LB and middle top LB. If you pick the play the blitzers all get a boost and the cover guys all get a boost but the play stays the same. The left and right buttons send inside guys. the same for 4/3 so that every play sends a different bltiz and cover package but with varying degrees of success on the percentages based on the the play you pick and the other play picked. But if you are a 4/3 team you are always a 4/3 team and same for 3/4. I also thought about just making the run plays up down be 3/4 and left right being 4/3. and for the passing the up down being 3-3-5 and the left right being 4-1-6. But I would only do that if I can figure out how to make the defense be like the defense in depth chart from TSBIII. Has anyone figured this out. I am very willing to work on any project yall want to undertake in a complete rebuild. Let me know what you think of my build so far. Especially the offensive plays. I still haven't tweaked the defenses too much. But I will once I understand more. FOOTBALL.nes
  8. it would be kind of wierd tho to have a double wide(sideline to sideline) screen. You wouldn’t be able to see the wrs and dbs on one side of the field at all. I like this aspect. Just like you can't see deep on my defender or where your receivers are. I just want the ball to have a field of vision. So has this been tried. Doubling the field.
  9. Can Field Size be changed? Instead of Running the standard width is there a way to double the field size and screen set to follow ball left and right and up and down. There by making passing and defense more strategic. Giving some advantaging to passing speed. I looked through the hack list but only saw one mention of changing the out of bounds.
  10. Did anyone figure out how to set passing arc to relating to the avoid pass block skill. So the higher you APB the higher the arc of your throw. This way QB with high throwing speed won't be at a disavantage throwing deep balls.
  11. Has anyone figured out a way to create the game to have the defense that the Tecmo SNES version has? Is the size to much? Has anyone figured out where and how to actually change the play strings for what each player does on a given play?
  12. I am interested in this hack. How far have you gotten?
  13. Below is an example of a sim distribution hack for the passing game. What I am wondering is instead of changing the values is there a way to change the order the computer checks to see who to throw to. Right now it is set to RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE1. I would like to change it to WR1, WR2, TE1, RB2, RB1. Has anyone tried this? EXAMPLE: If you gave RB1 and RB2 target chance ratings of 15 or 0F in hex. WR1, WR2 and the TE would never get targeted. This is because a target rating of 15 corresponds to a value of 128 decmail in the target chance lookup table. So 128+128 = 256 . It is only comparing the target chance to the random value and then subtracting that amount. If the random value was 255. 128 is less than 255. It would increment the target index and subtract 128 from the random value and use this value as the new value to compare to. This means the next time through 128 would equal RB2s target chance and it wouldn't matter what WR1, WR2, and the TE's target chances are. HACK There is a better way to fix this but this is a quick and dirty fix to get general pass distributions per team. It is a cumulative percentage table RB1 10%, TABLE VALUE $19 (256 *10% = 25. Converted to hex = $19) RB2 10% TABLE VALUE $32 (256 *10% = 25. Converted to hex = $19 + previous table value $19 = $3A) WR1 30% TABLE VALUE $7F (256 *30% = 77. Converted to hex = $4d + previous table value $19 = $7F) WR2 30% TABLE VALUE $CC (256 *30% = 77. Converted to hex = $4d + previous table value $19 = $CC) TE 20% TABLE VALUE $FF (no need to calculate it is the remaining percentage always leave at FF) These values are duplicated for the p2 side the way the target roster ids are stored in an array. SIM_TARGET_HACK: SET(0x175a9, 0xA53DDD80BA9013E888D0F7) TARGET_DISTRIBUTION_TABLE: SET(0x19B90, 0x19327FCCFF19327FCCFF) This should work on any rom but double check the 19B90 location in case there is a hack there. It should be FF's
  14. I am still trying to figure out a way to set Running Power so that every 2 RP is equal to 1 MS. Does anyone know how this might work? 13 RP = 06 MS, 25 RP = 13 MS, 38 RP = 19 MS, 50 RP = 25 MS, and so on.
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