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  1. Really excited for this SB. It's the first pick 'em match since the 2014 Pats/Seahawks match. This should be a great game. Hope the Chiefs win but I'd be happy either way. I just want a good game!
  2. Marino is a boss in this game. I had a 5,000 yard passing season with him and then blew it in the playoffs when my lack of a balanced offense caught up to me and a juiced Raiders team kicked my ass in the AFCCG. That Raiders team ended up losing 28-3 to an 8-8 Cowboys team in the SB. It was one of my most hilarious seasons ever. Dallas shouldn't have even been in the playoffs, then got to the SB cause the Packers just barely lost to them on a blocked field goal.
  3. Kyle Shanahan has really surprised me as a head coach. If the Niners do win it all this year, it will be his redemption for the play calling in the 28-3 SB loss. I can't help but praise him as a head coach because he has become the type of head coach I used to think Sean Payton was. Payton was at his best this year when Brees was out, and we went 5-0 with Teddy Bridgewater. As soon as Brees came back, we stepped away from a balanced offense and it seemed like Brees' stats and those stupid records were more important. Shanahan isn't trying to call all the pass plays to put up epic passing numbers with Garroppollo, which is fair. IMO the Saints probably beat Minnesota a few weeks ago if Payton had a better gameplan for running the ball, instead of letting a 40 year old Brees stink it up. (For the record; I want Brees to retire and we make Bridgewater the starter. This opinion would get me death stares in New Orleans) The Niners faced that same Vikings team and ran the ball on 12 consecutive plays. I work with a guy from Colorado who has been telling me for months that he wished Elway would've hired Kyle. He thinks Denver would've been set up better and while I agree with him to an extent, I think the Niners really hit on many of their draft picks and had a fair share of luck in that regard. They had the big pick (Bosa) fall right in their lap this past year by having a losing record after Garroppollo got injured. The circumstances helped and they didn't squander their chances which is how they've built a juggernaut seemingly overnight. I'd be totally fine with K.C. winning tomorrow and even winning the SB. I've come to root for guys who are always labeled 'chokers'. If it comes down to a SB 1 rematch, I am absolutely rooting for the Chiefs all the way. I don't think the Packers are even that good and honestly expect them to get blown out tomorrow night.
  4. I really hope Sam Mills gets into the HoF. He was my favorite Saint on those old Dome Patrol defenses and through playing the Tecmo games, he's usually the player I pick on the Saints defense unless I am Wayne Martin. RIP. His death was the first football passing that really effected me. 100% agree that Craig was shafted. I see both Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt on the list, but what about our man from Tecmo Henry Ellard??? I wonder if he'd be in the HoF discussion had he played with at least one great QB. The most he had was a young Jim Everett in those early years. Ellard was consistent with putting up great numbers with less than stellar QBs. As I said before, these playoffs have been really fun despite my team losing in the first round. As much as I loathe the 49ers for a childhood of trauma with them destroying my Saints back in the old NFC West days, and then the 2011 playoff game all those years later, I strangely don't hate this team. They have a likable coach, an amazing defense that is fun to watch and George Kittle is a freaking BEAST. I'm OK if they get #6, but I am rooting for the Titans who look like the old Bum Phillips Oilers with Henry running over guys. I'd be happy with K.C. winning it too. Mahomes is fun to watch and they looked like they were in kill mode last week after being down 24-0 early.
  5. This is why I stick to TSB 2. Defensive formation is definitely everything, I 100% agree. TSB 2 just has higher difficulty though. I am a defensive player first, usually focusing on defense most of the time. It's why I usually play with teams like the Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers and Eagles. it all depends on the team you're using though. I agree with the audibling strategy, which is essential when you are playing with a team that don't have strong LBs. You can set yourself in a dime and audible to nickel and use the DBs in coverage better.
  6. I wonder if this means he's also not in TSB 2 which covers the 1992 and 1993 Redskins. I think he is in TSB 2 though cause there is a WR Redskins with number 81.
  7. I don't think one exists. The player attributes in this game change season to season as it reflects a true 3 year mode.
  8. Cool stuff, thank you for posting this!
  9. TSB 2 definitely isn't for everyone. Hell, for the longest time, I was convinced that I was the only person out there playing this game. It's my favorite Tecmo and always will be. I think my main appeal of this game (looking back at posts I made years ago) was the difficulty originally. It truly is the most difficult of all the Tecmo games, mainly due to how unpredictable it is. Football in general is unpredictable and this game does a good job of replicating that. Extra points are not automatic, fumbles can happen at any time even with the most ball control players, passes can be tipped and intercepted, interceptions are occasionally ran all the way back for a TD, the COM calls your play more regularly, and injuries are even more random than the other games. If you go through this game playing a season and just walk it through the park not paying a whole lot of attention, the COM will catch you off guard and trip you up. Even in a successful season with just a few losses, the COM will make sure you have to grind out some of those wins in hard fought battles. The only thing I dislike about the additional difficulty is when the COM decides to be a moron and go for 2 points when the TD they just scored only needs 1 point to tie the game. But occasionally, the COM will convert those 2 point conversions, and now you're down 8-7 or 15-14 and it changes the entire course of the game. The COM also gets "juiced" on you like the other games. When you're trying to go undefeated in this game, good luck, cause the COM will break bad on you with the most unexpected team and it gets even harder in the playoffs. Buffalo usually is the team that gives me the most fits when I am playing in the playoffs. The COM will find ways to just be a pain in the ass to you with the Bills. Beyond the difficulty though, this game is truly special for players who like to play entire seasons, cause it has 3 complete seasons in it. The rosters and playbooks change too and are very accurate to the 1992 and 1993 seasons they are based on. The Giants playbook for instance changes year to year (which would make sense with them having different coaches. Dan Reeves took over in 1993 and their playbook changes in the 1993 season, becoming a Smashmouth offense). A couple of them stay mostly the same based on what teams were running the same systems year to year (Lions with their hybrid Run-N Shoot, Oilers with the Run-N-Shoot, Niners, Packers and Bucs with their West Coast style offense). The 1994 season isn't as accurate, just as the 1993 and 1995 seasons for TSB 1 and 3 aren't, but it's still fun to play. They do accurately predict the Niners being the best team in the game, mostly cause they have a star-studded defense with all the additions they added in the 1994 off season. The only thing Tecmo gets wrong with the Niners in that year, is Steve Young's attributes are not quite what they should be for his MVP year, but he's still a good version of Young. The best Steve Young in this game though is the 1992 season. The only thing I don't know a lot about in this game is the trade mode. I don't know the probability or how random it is. I usually only play the seasons out and go year to year.
  10. Depends on what you're asking for. TSB 2 is the only one of the Tecmo games to have more than one full season in it. The rosters are completely updated and accurate to the 1992 and 1993 season. Even in running COM simulations, you get pretty similar results to the regular season and playoffs for those seasons. I don't think this is what you mean but just wanted to point it out there. If you are trying to do 1992 and 1993, this game has the definitive best rosters for it that reflect that time period in the NFL. As for hacking it and making it have 32 teams like the NES version, Bruddog is correct in these regards. I would absolutely love to see the day TSB 2 or any of the SNES versions get a 32 team rom hack, but I doubt it at this point. No one has the time for it. Some years ago I wanted to learn the coding and how the SNES stuff works in hopes of making my own rom hack of this game. But that is a pipe dream at this point. Since then I've gotten married, have a mortgage and working 2 jobs. I wish I had tried to figure this stuff out years ago when I had the time, cause I truly don't have it anymore.
  11. Huge thanks for all of this, appreciate it!
  12. Great playoffs so far! I'm not even mad about the Saints losing to Minnesota. I never bought that they were really that great this year despite finishing 13-3. The best part of the season ironically was when Brees was out and Bridgewater came in. They played like a different team. When Brees came back, the offense got away from what was working with the run game and we pretty much padded stats for him to break some more meaningless records. In a weird way, I felt relieved after the Saints lost, cause there was no way I felt they'd beat Green Bay in Lambeau or the Niners in SF had they got there. It also feels like karma is coming to collect on us for all the whining, moaning, kicking and screaming that this team and the fan base did for the stupid non-call last year. This is the team that spent all year making "we got robbed" as their slogan and a victimhood as their identity. they acted like they were owed a SB for a bad call in last year's NFCCG, rather than taking accountability for blowing a 13-0 and 20-10 lead. Even now, the fans are nitpicking what they perceive as OPI on the game winning catch. I find it to be very tick-tacky and am glad it wasn't called. After last year's playoff loss, I posted on these boards how Payton really gets out-coached and made into a clown in the playoffs, and by god he proved me right this year. He coached such a bad game against the Vikes and yet the fans just nitpick a stupid non-call instead of criticizing him. I'm so glad I don't live in NOLA and have to deal with hearing all the belly-aching over non-calls, cause the fan base online is unbearable. No one should feel sorry for this team. OK enough about the Saints, just had to get it out of my system - The Titans were a big surprise in the playoffs so far. I really wish they were still the Oilers so this coming AFCCG could get a comparison to the 1993 Chiefs/Oilers game. If the Chiefs and 49ers win (what I am hoping for), do we call it the Montana Bowl? Or can we call it the DeBerg-Montana-Bono-Grbac-Smith Bowl instead? 😂
  13. If there is one thing to learn from watching my fan base act, it's that people should never give them condolences. They have a victim complex and will take whatever sympathy they get and run with it endlessly. They did this same BS over Bountygate. LOL at anyone who thinks Roger Goodell is smart and cunning enough to pull off some master conspiracy and screw the Saints. These fans love to be the victim and the non-call gave it to them. Only problem is, we blew a 13 and 10 point lead in the same game and immediately turned the ball over in OT. Deep down, I knew we were going to lose the minute the Rams tied it. I just had that feeling in my stomach cause I have seen this so many times with Sean Payton coached Saints teams. Payton has been out-coached in all of our playoff losses post-2009. What I never see brought up about the non-call is that if the cornerback had not been stupidly trying to commit PI and watched the ball, it would've been an easy interception. Even Troy Aikman of all people mentioned how it was a poorly thrown pass. Brees was NEARLY picked off 2 plays before that on the miracle bomb to Ted Ginn that got them down the field to begin with. Saints had just ONE net positive play the entire game after going up 20-10. Non-call aside, they were doing everything to blow that game. Brees had a game similar to Favre in the 2007 NFCCG and we all know how that ended with a back breaking interception.
  14. This would've went over much better than the color rush uniforms. The best color rush uniforms were the throwbacks. Denver used their old orange crush look, the Saints used their 60's white jerseys, the Chargers went with the Dan Fouts look. These were great and the best looking ones.
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