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  1. This says it all right here - Morstet for 17 yards, then don't run the ball again. He was nearly intercepted twice before that sack on the same drive. Niners had that game in the bag and their coach blew it. Not any different from the 28-3 choke job he put up with Atlanta. I like Shanahan but that is now 2 SBs he choked away when his team should've won. Everything went their way this year too. It wouldn't have surprised anyone had they won it. Felt like their year all season, then they collapsed in the 4th quarter.
  2. I don't know about that, I'm biased towards Warren Moon in that stat. The Chargers screwed Rivers many times though, you are definitely right there. They were a legit SB contender in 2006 when Marlon McCree screwed it all up for them. I will never talk badly about Rivers after the 2007 AFCCG. They went into Foxboro playing the undefeated Pats. Rivers on one leg with a torn ACL, and he had a good game as the Chargers put up a great fight. They probably win that game if their HOF RB don't act like a baby sitting on the bench pouting the whole game with his helmet on. Tomlinson let the Pats get in his head, like his "I'm a classy person" rant when they lost to them in the 2006 playoffs. They were good in 2009 as well when they went 13-3. The Chargers were the only team that truly scared me in the AFC that year. They would've gave the Saints a hard fight in the SB.
  3. The Niners were averaging around 5-9 yards per carry on the ground and were truly running it down their throats that whole game. I 100% blame Shanahan for this when his play calling went as the following - Mahomes INT - Up 20-10, run, run (picked up 15+ yards), then pass, pass, pass, punt. Up 17-20, run, run (picked up 30+ yards and near mid field), then pass, pass, pass, punt. Down 20-24, run, run (again, 30+ more yards and you're at mid field), then pass, pass (nearly intercepted), pass, (nearly intercepted again), sack/turnover on downs. Jimmy G was struggling that entire game and really looked lost most of the night. Shanahan wasn't scared to run it down Minnesota or GB's throat, yet in the SB, he does the same thing he did with the Falcons SB loss. It's like he was more worried about making his crappy QB into a SB MVP. I agree he didn't get aggressive enough on the last drive before half time, but this game was lost in the 4th quarter and it comes down to the coach and QB. He did the same thing in the Falcons SB loss. Up 28-3 and wouldn't run the ball. The Falcons were snapping the ball with 20+ seconds on the play clock, not even bothering running the clock even when the Pats had started to put drives together and points on the board. When Julio Jones caught that big pass, all they needed was a few runs, then kick a long field goal with your automatic kicker, and the game is out of reach. It would've helped too had they just run the ball and kept the clock ticking. Instead, he kept calling pass plays and let Ryan get sacked and turn the ball over. Not running the clock led to the Pats having enough time to figure things out and get it together. In this SB, he was getting even better averages from running plays, but didn't want to stick with it. Imagine had they chewed the clock down a bit after the Mahomes INT, that would've went a long way in the Niners favor. I can't believe we're already talking about a KC dynasty. This conversation wouldn't be had if Shanahan calls a better game or if his QB didn't stink it up. Jimmy G played bad as the year wore on for him and I can imagine Pats fans are relieved right now that their team stuck with their old legend and didn't go with Jimmy G. I'm not convinced Jimmy G would've beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead in last year's AFCCG. Brady may be declined, but he still had some juice left in the tank for that game when the Pats needed consist drives to put points on the board and one final one in OT. The Chiefs could easily end up like the Saints or Packers - all this dynasty talk and then struggle to get back to the big game. I clearly remember when NO and GB were supposed to be a 'dynasty' and neither made it back to the SB. I don't believe the Patriots are just going to die after this year. They were like the 1986 Bears. Their defense was ranked #1 and posted some great statistical metrics. The main issue was the offense. With a younger Brady, they would've been 14-2 and probably won it all.
  4. It wasn't even 24 hours after they won the SB and already talking about 'dynasty'. Just enjoy the win right now. Saints fans do this too. They talk about the "dynasty" since 2009. What fucking dynasty? We can't even get back to the SB. I quit going on Saints forums a while back and before the non-call crap, they used to constantly compare Brees to Rodgers, Manning and even Brady. Talking about how he should have 4 or 5 rings by now if only he had the teams they had. After this last playoff loss, I don't ever want to see anyone talking about how his playoff numbers are better than Manning and Brady. Manning may have some first round exits on his resume, but he at least made it to 4 SBs and with 4 different coaches at that. Brees is in the same boat as Rodgers as far as playoffs are concerned, except Rodgers has been to the NFC title game more often. The Packers also were supposed to become a 'dynasty' after their 2010 SB win and haven't been back to the big game since. It's too early IMO to begin talking about a dynasty. But I will say, I won't be shocked if Jimmy G struggles next year. He got exposed on the big stage like Jared Goff did. It was easy for people to say the Pats should've moved on from Brady and went with the younger QB, but I'm not convinced Jimmy would've beat the Chiefs last year in the AFCCG. Brady is past his prime, but that was a vintage-like performance for him in that game. I don't think Jimmy G would've beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead in that kind of situation needing drive after drive to keep up with them, then a game winning drive in OT. Everything pretty much went the Niners way this year. It truly felt like it was their magical season and maybe it was, KC stole it from them and deserved that win. I don't see SF repeating all this next year. It helps though that the NFC is so unpredictable.
  5. LOL Rodney Peete is one of my favorite turnover machines in TSB 2. The Lions R-N-S offense don't make it any easier using him. I get to the point where I laugh when the ball sails past Brett Perriman and gets picked off.
  6. Schottenheimer's Chiefs have given me some of my most excited and favorite seasons ever in TSB 2 and 3. I'll never forget the season I had backup QB Matt Blundin win MVP in TSB 3 and went on to beat Dallas in the SB. Fun memories. Playing seasons with them through the AFC of those years is always fun. Those Chiefs teams had some serious bad luck in the playoffs. Watched the 1994 and 1997 playoff losses a while back. Both were winnable games.
  7. Congrats to you and Chiefs fans. It's fun to see a team with a losing history win the SB. I never thought I'd live to see the day the Saints won it. Hence why the pain of the recent playoff exits don't really bother me. Young fans act like it's the end of the world, but it's not like losing in the early 90s when we were known as perennial losers. I'm very happy for Reid. This should complete his resume for the Hall of Fame. He was already a HoF coach before this, but having a ring will definitely seal it. No one can argue with it now and cheers for Mahomes. That kid is unreal. He's like a mobile Dan Marino, so fun to watch.
  8. Great SB. Hats off to Andy Reid for finally winning the big one! Man, I wish the Saints would've drafted Patrick Mahomes. Wouldn't be having this conversation among fans about resigning a 40+ year old Brees, we'd be set for the future. That's 2 SBs now that Kyle Shanahan has blown a lead in the 4th quarter. Not as bad as 28-3, but still... You're up 20-10 and you're averaging around 5 to 8 yards per carry on the ground and you decided to just go pass, pass, pass with your crappy QB? They were still up 20-17 too and had 2 big runs for first downs and he goes back to passing with Jimmy G. So what mediocre Tecmo QB do we compare Jimmy G to? I'm Stan Humphries from the SNES games. Good lord I've had some nightmare games with him in the playoffs, hence why when I'm the Chargers I don't mess around like Shanhan did tonight, I run the damn ball!
  9. Ken Andersen should be in the HoF by now. I'd vote for him long before Eli, regardless his 2 rings.
  10. Yeah, it's 2020 and people have made ROMs with different graphics and different rosters. Check the download section, there's some TSB 3 ROMs in there. Problem is, most of us don't have the time anymore to work on this stuff and I'm assuming by 'better grafix' you mean different uniform colors and endzone palettes. Not exactly an easy fix.
  11. Really excited for this SB. It's the first pick 'em match since the 2014 Pats/Seahawks match. This should be a great game. Hope the Chiefs win but I'd be happy either way. I just want a good game!
  12. Marino is a boss in this game. I had a 5,000 yard passing season with him and then blew it in the playoffs when my lack of a balanced offense caught up to me and a juiced Raiders team kicked my ass in the AFCCG. That Raiders team ended up losing 28-3 to an 8-8 Cowboys team in the SB. It was one of my most hilarious seasons ever. Dallas shouldn't have even been in the playoffs, then got to the SB cause the Packers just barely lost to them on a blocked field goal.
  13. Kyle Shanahan has really surprised me as a head coach. If the Niners do win it all this year, it will be his redemption for the play calling in the 28-3 SB loss. I can't help but praise him as a head coach because he has become the type of head coach I used to think Sean Payton was. Payton was at his best this year when Brees was out, and we went 5-0 with Teddy Bridgewater. As soon as Brees came back, we stepped away from a balanced offense and it seemed like Brees' stats and those stupid records were more important. Shanahan isn't trying to call all the pass plays to put up epic passing numbers with Garroppollo, which is fair. IMO the Saints probably beat Minnesota a few weeks ago if Payton had a better gameplan for running the ball, instead of letting a 40 year old Brees stink it up. (For the record; I want Brees to retire and we make Bridgewater the starter. This opinion would get me death stares in New Orleans) The Niners faced that same Vikings team and ran the ball on 12 consecutive plays. I work with a guy from Colorado who has been telling me for months that he wished Elway would've hired Kyle. He thinks Denver would've been set up better and while I agree with him to an extent, I think the Niners really hit on many of their draft picks and had a fair share of luck in that regard. They had the big pick (Bosa) fall right in their lap this past year by having a losing record after Garroppollo got injured. The circumstances helped and they didn't squander their chances which is how they've built a juggernaut seemingly overnight. I'd be totally fine with K.C. winning tomorrow and even winning the SB. I've come to root for guys who are always labeled 'chokers'. If it comes down to a SB 1 rematch, I am absolutely rooting for the Chiefs all the way. I don't think the Packers are even that good and honestly expect them to get blown out tomorrow night.
  14. I really hope Sam Mills gets into the HoF. He was my favorite Saint on those old Dome Patrol defenses and through playing the Tecmo games, he's usually the player I pick on the Saints defense unless I am Wayne Martin. RIP. His death was the first football passing that really effected me. 100% agree that Craig was shafted. I see both Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt on the list, but what about our man from Tecmo Henry Ellard??? I wonder if he'd be in the HoF discussion had he played with at least one great QB. The most he had was a young Jim Everett in those early years. Ellard was consistent with putting up great numbers with less than stellar QBs. As I said before, these playoffs have been really fun despite my team losing in the first round. As much as I loathe the 49ers for a childhood of trauma with them destroying my Saints back in the old NFC West days, and then the 2011 playoff game all those years later, I strangely don't hate this team. They have a likable coach, an amazing defense that is fun to watch and George Kittle is a freaking BEAST. I'm OK if they get #6, but I am rooting for the Titans who look like the old Bum Phillips Oilers with Henry running over guys. I'd be happy with K.C. winning it too. Mahomes is fun to watch and they looked like they were in kill mode last week after being down 24-0 early.
  15. This is why I stick to TSB 2. Defensive formation is definitely everything, I 100% agree. TSB 2 just has higher difficulty though. I am a defensive player first, usually focusing on defense most of the time. It's why I usually play with teams like the Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers and Eagles. it all depends on the team you're using though. I agree with the audibling strategy, which is essential when you are playing with a team that don't have strong LBs. You can set yourself in a dime and audible to nickel and use the DBs in coverage better.
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