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  1. I saw this a few months back and have been thinking ever since, what the hell happened to SB logos? The SB logo used to be so cool and unique. I love all the ones from the 80's and 90's. They were still fine in the 2000's up until 2010s when it became a stock photo of the trophy that they just replace the roman numerals on. SB 52 and 53 are completely identical, just adding another numeral.
  2. Agreed. From 1982 to 1998 is about my favorite era all together for the NFL. That was the era of the dominant, juggernaut teams that fill up lists of GOAT teams. Some of the best QB classes and head to head QB showdowns (sadly they were mostly blow outs like 1984 and 1989), not to mention historic defenses. I hated the 49ers back then, as well as the Dallas dynasty (who didn't?) but it was actual greatness we were witnessing. IMO the 1991 Redskins are the GOAT team and I am grateful now that I was able to witness them. The NFL looked better back then too. The old kelly green Eagles, pastel blue and white Oilers, orange crush Broncos, aqua and white Dolphins, creamsicle Bucs, blue and yellow Rams, silver and blue Seahawks, etc etc. I liked these colors so much better than what these teams changed to. It seemed some time in the late 90's, teams began changing their colors and making them darker. This led to navy blue becoming the most overused color in the NFL and IMO a lot of these teams lost their charms when they changed to darker colors. The only two teams who changed to darker colors that I think did it well was Denver and New England, and yet Denver's uniforms did not look right until a few years ago when they finally switched the navy blue to orange for home jerseys. Every time the Dolphins and Bucs break out their throwback jerseys, the fans say they look better than the current uniforms they wear. The only 90's year I didn't like was 1999 cause the league was so weak at the time. From 1999 to 2001, those 3 years were weak points for the whole league. The 1999 Rams and 2000 Ravens both had some of the easiest schedules ever of SB winning teams with the Rams ranking #1 at easiest SOS and Baltimore's list of opposing QBs in 2002 was truly pathetic. Things improved after 2001 with better teams, but I don't think there ever would've been 7 win teams making the playoffs back in the 80's or 90's, let alone those mediocre teams winning their wildcard games.
  3. I think this is what you'er looking for. Fernardo did a terrific job with this ROM, as he has with his other ROMs over the years. Enjoy!
  4. The Eagles lost that game on Akers missing those short field goals. It put them in a position to where they had to go for the home run TD pass on the final drive. If he makes those field goals, they could've burned the clock and finished the game with another field goal. GB really got lucky that Philly kept shooting themselves in the foot that day. Green Bay did not play all that great in that playoff run. Flukey win over the Eagles, stomped an overrated Falcons team (The NFC South in 2010 had 3 teams win 10 or more games from playing weak schedules and all 3 of them were embarrassed at multiple points in the season), then got lucky Jay Cutler gave up in the NFC title game (Bears dramatically outplayed them in the second half of that game) and then in the SB, they blew a 21-3 lead letting Pittsburgh come back to life and nearly beat them. If not for that fumble on the first play of the 4th quarter, I do strongly believe the Steelers would've won that SB.
  5. My team is STILL moaning and groaning about that fucking non-call in the NFC title game. "We would've won the SB if not for that!" Please explain to me how the fuck do you blow a 13-0 and 20-10 point lead in the same game. I seriously want to know!! Dallas showed the world how to beat the Saints last year. They wrote the blueprint and that is why Brees' stats completely tanked and fell to the floor at the end of the year (from a 30-2 TD/INT ratio to a horrible 7-5 to end the year). If it weren't for the defense, we would've lost all of our remaining games after Dallas took us behind the woodshed and spanked us. After the Cowboys loss; Tampa Bay, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Philly and the Rams ALL held the Saints high powered offense down. In only one of those games did they score 30 points and it took two controversial penalties that they benefited from (Sorry Saints fans, but yes we did benefit from those two horrible PI calls on Joe Haden to barely get past the Steelers). My team's coach is bragging about having a rule changed over it. Never mind the fact that our team led the league in defensive pass interference penalties (20 total) last year and reviewing pass interference and non-calls of it, may end up having some consequences towards us. My team's fans have not and most likely will not ever shut up about that stupid non-call. We cannot have a rational discussion over what went wrong last year, without the person asking questions being labeled a shill for Roger Goodell, working for George Soros or some other blatant conspiracy nonsense. Bountygate truly broke this fan base's brains years ago, but now, they've went beyond the asylum with the conspiracy theories. Everything they disagree with is a conspiracy theory. You have to be insane to think that Bill Belichick of all people in this world, wouldn't have looked at all the tape from the Dallas game and every game after that and seen how bad the Saints offense had been and came up with a good gameplan to shut them down in the SB. The Eagles and Rams both ran the exact same defensive game plan that Dallas ran and both of them had success doing it. They held the Saints to 20 and 23 points. I have no doubt in my mind, the Patriots would've embarrassed the Saints far worse, but whatever, keep talking about how you got robbed over one blown call and not the fact that you blew a 13-0 and 20-10 point lead. Oh yeah, we won the coin toss for OT and what happened? A Brett Favre style INT like the one from the 2007 NFC title game in OT. But yeah, we totally got robbed! it's the fault of Roger Goodell, the Illuminati and George Soros! Also let's be real about something else - we played like garbage in the divisional playoff game. Payton was almost out-coached by Doug Pedersen in that game. Seriously, go back and watch that game again if you think I'm nuts. The Saints defense held Philly under 90 yards for 3 quarters and shut out after going up 14-0. If you look at the yards stats, you'd think the Saints blew them out with how one-sided it looks, but they didn't. They barely scored 20 points and then Payton screwed around at the end of the game with bad play calling, going for a 50 yard field goal and missing it, giving Philly enough time to beat them. If not for Jeffrey dropping that pass, we are one and done and would've deserved it with how bad Payton called that game. Payton's play calling was bad that entire game and honestly, I didn't think they'd beat the Rams based off how bad he called the game. I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER the Patriots would've embarrassed us. I honestly am disappointed that the Saints as a team are still hung up over that stupid non-call and refuse to look at what got them in that situation to start with. You go up 13-0 early in the game and later have a 20-10 lead in the 4th quarter, but piddle around and refuse to shut the door on this team. I knew they were going to lose when the Rams tied it up, cause the Saints had blown a lead twice at that point. The Saints had several opportunities throughout that entire game to put their foot on the gas and blow that team out the water. Brees played bad and Payton called a bad game (Payton was out-coached by McVay, period). The non-call was bad, but hey, Payton should take responsibility for his offense becoming a train wreck at the end of the year after Dallas exposed them. He did NOTHING to fix the offense after Dallas showed that all you have to do is take away Michael Thomas and Kamara and then the Saints have nothing else to beat you with. The Saints looked like a different team after how Dallas exposed their offense and they never recovered. Payton should be criticized heavily for how bad he coached both playoff games. I want to hear criticism to his play calling long before I hear the fantasy nonsense of how they would've beat the Patriots.
  6. Says a lot about the Saints that their win percentage was only 63%. Sean Payton would've been the "Mr. 7-9" nicknamed coach if it weren't for the past two seasons where they went 11-5 and 13-3. I think you could add them here, along with the 3 peat of 7-9 seasons that would drive their win percentage down even more. I have always believed the one thing that hurts Drew Brees in comparison to the other elite QBs of his era is that he has more losses than all of them, despite having just as good (if not better) stats. Brady, Manning and Rodgers consistently have beat up on their divisions and took advantage when they had a weak division to rely on. The NFC South has been a more tougher division, arguably one of the toughest in the league during Brees time that has produced 2 MVP QBs and 2 other SB contender teams during his career, but it don't excuse that the Saints didn't take advantage of it when their division was weak. In 2014, the Panthers won the division at 7-8-1 and the Saints screwed around that whole year as a mess of a team. I don't want to get off topic ranting about the Saints cause they're my team and this is so easy to do, but I seriously wonder at times if Payton is the reason they have underachieved with a Hall of Fame QB. He's basically in the same boat as Mike Ditka with the old Bears defense. Payton had one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game and only has a single SB to show for it. I absolutely do not believe the Saints will get to another SB with Brees. Last year and 2017 were their final chances and they blew it both times in historical fashion. The Saints should've been contenders for years to come, like how the old Bears should've become a dynasty and yet Ditka would get out-coached against Walsh and Gibbs in the playoffs. Bad non-call aside, go through all our playoff losses since we won that one SB, and you see Payton gets thoroughly out-coached in all those losses, similar to the old Bears. Even in the recent playoff loss, he really didn't do that good of a job in the second half adjusting to the Rams game changes, which is why I think we deserved to lose, bad non-call aside (I'm seriously sick to death of hearing about that fucking non-call. You blow a two possession lead twice in the same game, you are getting outplayed badly and deserve to lose. See 1998 Vikings and how they choked to the Falcons, which is exactly what we did against the Rams.) IMO you can split the Patriots and 49ers dynasties into two and the Packers can be split as well. With the Niners, their 90's teams had a lot of failures that included getting embarrassed at home in blowout playoff losses to Dallas and GB. The 80's teams made it to 4 SBs and often were beating the hell out of their playoff opponents. I think there was also a change in the 90's where they started facing legit challenges in their division. The Saints gave them competition in the early 90's but failed. Carolina in 1996 managed to sweep them and win the division. The Falcons did it in 1998. With the Pats, it took them 10 whole years to get ring #4, though I would argue that they get it in 2006 if they pay Deion Branch or if they don't blow that big lead to the Colts in the playoffs. They would've handled the Bears or Saints with ease in that SB (2006 was one of those years where the best teams were all in the AFC. Indy, New England, Baltimore and San Diego all would've beat the NFC opponent in the SB that year). But then again, they nearly get #4 in 2007 and 2011 as well. The Packers dynasty in the 90's truly felt like it ended when they lost to SF in the 1998 playoffs (a game they were screwed on with the call over Rice's fumble). Holmgren left soon after, as did a bunch of key players from their SB team and that's when Favre started to really struggle. The 2000's Packers truly felt like an underachieving team (take your pick with their playoff losses), much like the 2010's Packers did with Rodgers under center and their several embarrassing playoff losses (15-1 record in 2011 and get routed by a flukey 9-7 team). Looking back, I swear the 2000's Colts are going to be remembered as that team you always go back and ask "how did they only win one SB?". Peyton Manning is easily labeled a choke artist, but I think it says a lot that Denver managed to reach 2 SBs in just 4 years, while the Colts needed 9 years to finally get to the big dance with him at QB and their best team (2005) didn't even get there. Manning actually played well enough to win in a lot of those playoff losses that people easily blame him over. I'm not going to say anything bad about Manning, cause at least he did get to the big game 4 times. My QB and team can't even get back there again after their one time. It's amazing to see the Seahawks recent surge of success that began around 1999 when Paul Allen brought in Holmgren. I remember back in my childhood, the Seahawks were a laughably bad team and they've achieved a respectability in relevance for the past 20 years that makes all that feel like a distant memory.
  7. The special ending is all there is. No legacy players, but there is a trade mode. Easiest team to win 3 consecutive SBs with is the Cowboys, if you just want to see how the special ending plays. Their 1992 and 1993 squads are true to the seasons they represent and they are hands down, the best team in those 2 seasons. In all of my time of running this game, I strangely find the 1993 Cowboys tougher in the playoffs than their 1992 version and I think this is because in 1993, they completely destroyed their opponents with ease. Dallas was up 28-7 over the 49ers at one point in the 1993 NFCCG and despite being down 6-13 to Buffalo at halftime in the SB, there was never a moment in that game that it felt like they were in trouble, Buffalo still got throttled in that game. In the 1994 season, they are still a top team and the team to beat in the playoffs. I once had Dallas come back from a 24 point deficit against the 49ers and take the lead in the final seconds over me. It's possible to do with the 49ers, but Dallas gives them serious problems in the playoffs and their defense is not a great unit in 1992 and 1993. The '92 and '93 Niners teams have some serious flaws on defense when they are playing elite teams, usually by getting gashed by the run. Their defense can be amazing in 1994 cause they have such a stacked roster with elite talent, but not the previous years. Any time I get an SF/Dallas playoff match, it's always a nail biter with the 49ers, even when I have a big lead on them (Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin turn into Tecmo Gods and wreck their defense). Dallas on the other hand, will throttle them with no problem in all 3 seasons. I think if you want a real challenge though, try the 3 peat with the Oilers. I actually did achieve a full 19-0 run with the Oilers in the 1992 mode. I went a full 16-0 in the regular season with only the Lions giving me the infamous "juice" game where I had a tough time beating them (needed a comeback to barely beat them). In the SB, I got Dallas and held them off for a 21-18 win. This was a rare season where I absolutely throttled Buffalo in the playoffs, usually the Bills are my biggest issue in this game. In the 1993 season, Houston's defense is actually better and I think you could argue that their defense is even better than their offense cause they can become a dominant unit if you run Nickel a lot and use the front 4 to get run stops (Fuller and Childress are your keys to run stops). The offense takes a few steps back as Moon loses some of his consistency, but is still a great QB. Their play book is more opened up for running too. The 1994 season though is the real challenge. Their defense is still good and will get you some wins, but good luck with the QB combo of Cody Carlson and Bucky Richardson. They are like the equivalent of Curtis Painter as the starting QB of the 2011 Colts. You will be relying entirely on your still sold WR corps to make these two guys look respectable at times. Fortunately for you; the AFC is the weaker conference in all 3 seasons and in 1994, you don't have to worry about the Buffalo Bills anymore. Buffalo in '92 and '93 are your biggest obstacle in the AFC and they truly can be a tough team to face in the playoffs (Buffalo is the one team I have the most issues with in the playoffs of this entire game), but they aren't a problem in 1994 cause they most likely won't even reach the post season.
  8. _DEBERG

    My TSB Journal

    Great stuff. I love the Vikings in TSB 3 with Moon at QB. Jake Reed is one of my favorite WRs in that game. I love using him in the slot position. The Vikings in TSB 3 have a much better playbook than the ones in TSB 2 where Gannon/Salisbury, McMahon and Moon are your QBs. Moon in the 1994 season is the only one of those 3 who is really any effective. I've had some success with Gannon, but it's their playbook that makes things so difficult.
  9. Totally agree, Rob Moore is awesome. He can be a legit deep threat and it helps that Boomer Esasion has accuracy. They are frustrating as hell in TSB 2 with Browning Nagle and a washed up Ken O'Brien. I won a SB with the Jets in this version and their offense was damn good. My favorite guy though is Johnny Mitchell. In TSB 2, I often utilize him with their passing plays cause he's a key player for third down passing and hell, he's even good down field catching deep balls. It's only too bad that in the 1992 season you are stuck with Nagle or a washed up O'Brien. The 1993 version of the Jets can be a playoff contender in that version. Jets are one of the most underrated teams in this version though. I grew to love playing with them over time and got that SB win with them. They are more fun than the Raiders, whom I grow convinced are cursed in these games, cause bad random stuff seems to always happen to me with them.
  10. @TecSpectre Thank you for this reply, great to see you still around. You know more about TSB 3 than anyone else I've seen on the internet. Cheers for always giving us great information.
  11. One must always keep in consideration with SNES Tecmo is that we don't know how to edit in the missing teams. Whether it's the 28 team TSB 1 and 2, or 30 team TSB 3; some teams have to be cut out if it's a modern rom post 2001.
  12. _DEBERG

    My TSB Journal

    Hey @VGifted Just wanted to tell you, this is cool stuff. I used to come on the forums here regularly back when I had more time on my hands and wasn't married. I would post threads detailing my games (mostly from TSB 2 and 3) cause I was so amazed with these games and how crazy they can get. You can find some of my old threads on here and my stories about Tecmo. I named my account after Steve DeBerg and specifically his time with Tampa Bay cause I had some of my most memorable seasons with him trying to turn Tampa into a SB winner (and crazy shenanigans always happen when you use a dumpster fire team) I wanted to give you a bit of encouragement, cause reading Tecmo stories is always fun. If you ever have any close games (including losses) where crazy stuff happens, feel free to write us up a story on it! I will definitely give it a read!
  13. RIP. I remember him with the Vikings when they flattened the Saints in their first ever playoff game back in 1987. That Vikings team was having a hot run too, they went into SF and Anthony Carter put on a show juggling circus catches to embarrass the Niners. As fate would have it, Wilson was our QB come 1993 and there is an infamous Jim Mora rant where he chewed out the fans for cheering his injury back in a Saints/Vikings game in the late 80's or early 90's.
  14. Five Thirty Eight wrote this back in September about the Patriots. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/stop-us-if-youve-heard-this-one-are-the-patriots-over/ It came true in the end. One more note on this SB - After a season with all the high flying offenses and shootout games, it felt great and a perfect ending for the SB to be a defensive slugging match with low scoring. Regardless what people say, defense still wins championships. All the Patriots needed was ONE single drive all game to get a TD and the defense did everything else. Had they caught those tipped balls for INTs and got the fumble that bounced out of bounds, this would've been a bloodbath like those old blow out SBs that have become rare now.
  15. Sure @Bolt I strangely enjoyed this Super Bowl. Since getting married and hanging out with my brother-in-law, one of the things we tend to do is dig up old NFL games and watch them. He's a decade older than me and has more knowledge of the 70's and 80's. It's pretty cool to download or get old tapes of those games and watch them during the summer. I appreciate being able to witness how the NFL was from before I was born. The "dead ball" era of the 70's is really interesting where defenses would dominate games and tonight reminded me of watching those old games. Growing up watching the Mora Saints, my favorite NFL players were Sam Mills, Rickey Jackson and Pat Swilling. It took me a while in my adulthood to adjust to enjoying games with good QB play thanks to having Drew Brees as the Saints QB, but there is just something way more fun watching a dominant defensive performance. I think this is the reason that over the years, I have a big soft spot for the 2015 Broncos. Seeing Von Miller and Demarcus Ware wreck shit was satisfying. This SB really reminded me of that one and felt like some old school 70's-80's era NFL. Brady didn't play as bad as Manning did that night, but he was far from special. In the case of both of them; had a younger Brady showed up tonight and if the Peyton Manning of old had walked in for SB 50, both of those SBs would've been blow outs. Both of them would've rained touchdowns over the Panthers and Rams if they weren't at their age at the time. Offense constantly stalling is the only thing that kept both of those SBs being close going into the 4th quarter. Tonight's SB should've been a blow out. 2 tipped INTs, a fumble bouncing out of bounds and the early missed field goal all account for keeping the game closer than it should've been. Even when it was 3-3, it really didn't feel like the Pats were going to lose control. I felt the same way with Denver in SB 50. That game was 13-10 most of the second half but it felt like the Broncos should've been up by several scores. Jared Goff looked like a mediocre at best QB tonight. If not for McVay telling him what to audible and where to throw the ball pre-snap, he would be a bust as he looked to be back in 2016. I didn't think he could play worse than Newton did in SB 50, but he did. As well as the Patriots defense played tonight, Goff wasn't facing a historic defense like the 1985 Bears. Many Saints fans have been arguing for 2 straight weeks now that we should be there instead of the Rams. Brees likely puts more than 3 points on the board, but I seen nothing in either of the Saints playoff games that told me they would win the SB. Had they been there, I am pretty sure they lose tonight too. The Saints would've probably been an easier opponent for New England cause the only weapons on offense they had was Kamara and Michael Thomas; both of whom can be shut down and then it's a 40 year old Brees throwing to a cast of no-name scrubs. The Saints defense wouldn't have fared much better either. They had zero sacks in the playoffs and losing Sheldon Rankins really hurt their pass rush. And finally, LOL at anyone who thinks Sean Payton was going to out-coach Bill Belichick. He just reminded us how bad of a QB Jared Goff was before McVay became his coach. There is no way in hell Payton wouldn't have got embarrassed by Bill B tonight too. I enjoyed the SB, but I can definitely see why some fans would find it boring.
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