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  1. Hi there. Each uniform palette has 16 colors. 1-Transparent, 2-Shadow, 3-Shadow skin, 4-Normal skin, 5-Dark jersey, 6-Medium jersey, 7-Normal jersey, 8-Dark pants, 9-Medium pants, 10-Normal pants, 11-Dark helmet, 12-Normal helmet, 13-Dark facemask, 14-Normal facemask, 15-Socks, 16-Shoes. All color changes effect on field uniforms as well as cut scene uniforms.
  2. I’m having mine today while watching the Game. Bucks by 26. Hope everyone is staying safe and Happy Holidays.
  3. A hex editor. I use HxD. Just for changing code. A tile editor. I use TM. It’s pretty easy to use and has a ton of options. A photo editor. I use photo pos pro 3, it’s free. For importing graphics. Mesen-S emulator. It’s good for palette and graphic info. Java is needed for TM to work.
  4. To change the socks, it’s the last 4 bytes of the uniform pallette. This also changes different things in cut scenes and coin toss scene as well. I had to change them back to white because of the other changes it did. It didn’t look right. As for the orange pant stripes not sure what you mean. The stripes aren’t orange.
  5. Your work is good! Looks like you’re a step or 2 past me. I’m working on 3 versions of a fbs tsb1 snes. First one is pretty much done. What editor are you using? I just learned how to do graphics earlier this year. It took some duh moments in the beginning but once you know it, it’s pretty easy. Just really time consuming and I’m picky lol.
  6. Yeah that looks like TSBTool Supreme 1.3 by Bad al. I've never tried that version but it says it works with TSB3. I've just tried the game in TSB3 manager and it doesn't work as well. It gave me a invalid Rom format reason #5. Have no idea what that means other than it won't work.
  7. Yeah if you’re getting a error message than the manager won’t work. Slim jimmy7 might be able to help with the error, I can not. Good thinking on his end. If you can’t get that working and want to edit everything back in hex just get drunkens TSB3 bible here. It has all the locations needed. I have some color hex codes if needed.
  8. That’s a good point. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet. It will probably all need to be changed in hex and tile editor. That’s a lot of changing though.
  9. That sucks. What didn’t work? Any of it? That rom listed above is actually a beta version. There was some stuff that didn’t work right. Drunken put the final version on the nhl94 forum site. I tried to find it but couldn’t, too many post to go through. I might still have it. I can’t get to my computer now but I can help anyway I can. Not sure if you can change it back to nfl the way the schedule was coded.
  10. TSB 3 manager will let you change city and team name. The uniforms will likely need to be changed in hex. I don’t think STUE works with 3. The end zones will need to be changed with a title editor. 3’s end zones are kind of tricky though.
  11. You’re welcome. Im glad you got it working!
  12. Ok I forgot the field is separated into 2 parts, the dark stripes and the light stripes. The first hex string at 159B80 is for the dark stripes, 159BA0 is the light stripes. The NFL shield is mostly in the light stripe, just the outer edges are in the dark like in pic. You have to change those colors in both hex strings. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. For the clear it would be the 7, 8, 9, 10 and 16th colors. Not by my com right now to see for the other fields. Blue, light blue, pink, red and white colors. If you change any of those colors everything with those colors also changes to the new color. When I did my mid field logo I swapped out pink for gold and light blue for grey. Those colors are used the least for everything with the field. I can check later on for the rain/snow but they all should be those same colors.
  14. Yep. Those locations contain all of the field items. Numbers, mid logo, side logos, grass, cheerleaders, stands wall, field lines. Colors are shared between items.
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