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  1. Just a few simple hacks for this one rom that I have of the NES Tecmo Super Bowl. If anyone can change the quarter time to 15 minutes because the usual 5 minutes goes by very quickly, If anyone can change the goal post color to blue, and if anyone can add either trick plays, wildcat plays or more, that'll be greatly appreciated. If possible, I need the finished rom by the end of today (July 24) because I'm going on a trip on wednesday and won't have wifi. TSB Legacy.nes
  2. Well, today I tried to do an experiment to see if it can be implemented into the game which I used these two resources to help me : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2XkJQFs0OQ http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/9946-events/ And how the experiment turn out. False Starts can either be implemented or malfunctioned and the result was that False Starts are malfunctioned as of right now. When I tried to use the debugger each time I use the debugger to add the penalties, if i click run until a certain part of the cadence it would land at a BRK which is not editable. Then If I put it at an editable spot that rom currupts before the first kickoff happens. So as of right now, you can't add False Starts. But, I think once we can get working codes to edit the game and add the false start then it could be addable.
  3. I saw all of the articles on penalties in Tecmo Super Bowl but all I see is that @bruddog was able to do a hack that discovered the penalty screens and actually implemented them to the game, and that there's game genie codes that replaced the intro with either the false start screen or the offside screen. But they don't show people how to add them into the game so they actually effect the game. I know that the offside screen so far can't be added into TSB but I know since bruddog was able to add the false start screen, I'm only aiming to add the false start screen. So, how do you add false starts into the game?
  4. I'm working on this rom hack called Tecmo Super Bowl Legacy where the Browns are replaced with College Players, mainly juniors and seniors, and the rest of the teams are replaced with their best team. Also in that rom hack I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible, like adding penalties to the game. So plz give me an answer.
  5. Can someone help me make a rom hack that's very simple. I just want all of Penn State's stats to be maxed out and to have all of their conditions excellent. The file to hack will be below. NCAA 2017-18_TSB_1.2.nes
  6. I'm wondering how to edit the player ratings or "Abilities"
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