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  1. Darudy

    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    Dang Fernando, the JUICED version is wicked. I'm a several years long lurker around here but created an account to thank you for your ongoing work with TSB3. It's my fav. I can't hardly muster ~50 Rushing yards a game, nor can the CPU. I haven't used the SKP feature yet to see about your mentioning of tweaking the SIM ratings. What I do is set everything to COM (except for my team or teams [but always set to SKP for the initial Trading and Free Agent signing period to see what the game concocts] ) and I use the fast-forward key on ZSNES. I keep getting blitzed prolifically and my CPU opponent always seems to pull off a ridiculous 3rd and 14 conversion by breaking 17 tackles. I use the TSB3m tool to play with the FA points. Please reply when you have time because there are some strategic and technical aspects I'd like to pick your brain on. Thanks immensely for creating content bro!