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  1. Dint know where to start so I figured I would start where ever i could find forums! Any questions feel free to message me at [email protected] about any further details or updates. (all stats are based on a capped league and will be modified based on final attendance) League cap - 16 Player League Entry - 25.00 Start time - Mondays at 9:30pm 16 Games will be played in the regular season before we cut to single elimination playoffs. Each player will play 2 games each Monday night. Each Week starting September 25th 2 players will have a bye, and November 6th Packers play Monday Night so it will be a bye week for every one. Division structure 16 Teams break into 4 Divisions AFC East/North NFC West/South You will play each rival in your division twice in a season, and 10 games against non division rivals. Winner of each Division Gets a bye in the playoffs. The next two players in the Division play best 2/3 single elimination, and the lowest record will be put in the last chance redemption tournament. 1 game single elimination. The over all winner of both division after the playoffs will play in the Superbowl and that will be a race to 3! and be the coveted Oaks TecmoBowl Champ! Prize Structure (Again these numbers are based on a 16 person event) There are 7 different ways to make the money in this event. Champion, Division Leaders, winning the last chance redemption games, or being the one random lucky player at the end of the year! Tournament Winner - 200.00 (Trophy) Winners of each division 50.00 Winner of the Last chance tournament 25.00 ( Even if your last in your division and do not make the final tournament you still have a chance at something in this event) And at the end of the year we will give 25.00 to one random person who did not make the money in any thing else. Other prizes MAY be giving out randomly throughout the season each Monday Night! Season schedule Pre-season (Open fun play does not affect the league at all) September 4th September 11th Season kick off September 18 (Team meeting, all players present) September 25 (2 players on a bye) October 2 (2 players on a bye) October 9 (2 players on a bye October 16 (2 players on a bye) October 23 (2 players on a bye) October 30 (2 players on a bye) November 6 (bye week Packers play) November 13 (2 players on a bye) November 20 (2 players on a bye) (playoff dates TBD) (End of the season party TBD) Brother on Oaks is a bar located in Baraboo WI about 45m away from Madison and about 15m away from Wisconsin Dells. Weekly games will be running a bit late so I know this is pointed mainly at locals, if this is popular enough looking to do a yearly event and one big main event for non locals to come to.
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