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  1. Thanks for doing this. My workplace just finished up our office TSB 2018 League (using the '18 ROM cartridge) on a NES. I'm interested in doing it again next year with this version. Any notable changes outside of the rosters/teams? Take care.
  2. zombi

    TSB 2018 Guide?

    It's the same version that you have hosted here. I'm just looking for some kind of guide to go with it.
  3. zombi

    TSB 2018 Guide?

    Hello all, I recently picked up a copy of TSB 2018 which will be used to host a league at my workplace. We did the classic TSB last year and I figured this would be a nice change of pace. Does anyone know if there is a guide somewhere for this? Obviously most of it is standard TSB stuff, but there are some new features that I wanted to read up on. Also, it would be nice to provide it to my coworkers before we actually start this thing. Thanks!