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  1. I agree with you because I think the Colts and Patriots are worse. I find Seattle somewhat manageable on defense but their offense is like a beat up broken down 80s pickup truck that might eventually clunk it's way down the road to some points.
  2. I've been playing the game quite a bit and while I like the game quite a bit it does have flaws. Keep in mind that I am playing it on the Sega Genesis. Pluses: Easily the best thing about the game is the ability to play with rosters over a span of 3 years. The addition of defensive formations is nice though I rarely switch out of a Nickle vs the computer. Doubling of the amount of plays is great. Graphics are a bit of a step up, nothing ground breaking. The like the addition of the audibles but it does slow down the gameplay. Negatives: There is no difficulty setting on the Genesis version which sucks because playing against the computer is incredibly easy. The A.I. stinks and continually makes bone headed moves, for example it will occasionally just dive with a player after getting a first down even if the player is wide open. The kicking is.... odd... you have line up off center of the hash marks to make them. I was bouncing extra point kicks and missing around 25% of them till I figured this out. Overall it's a good game but the only real reason to play this one over TSB 3 is having the ability to play against friends with rosters from 1992-1994. While I actually prefer the Genesis version of TSB 1 a tad bit over the SNES version, this one..... steer clear of the Genesis version. The Genesis version does run a bit smoother but the SNES version is superior in every other aspect.
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