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  1. New cover with the saviour of Saskatchewan, Cody Fajardo!
  2. Sweet, thanks! I will be loading this up this Canada Day weekend and giving it a workout! ?
  3. I'm bored on Boxing Day so I made some for the other teams too. I included 2 for MTL because I wanted one for Muamba and one of Johnny football for the memes. I also went out on a limb and included Ty Long on the BC cover. He was their MOP candidate after all!
  4. I know the season is long over, but I've been playing this on my retropie and wanted a cover image to go with this great game, so I whipped this one up in a couple minutes. I built a template in GIMP so In theory I should be able to replace Roosevelt with any other picture if you're not a riders fan for some incomprehensible reason ;)
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