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  1. @hankthetank we’ll have the purple jelly dong ready for you!
  2. This is the greatest news since the release of the double sided jelly dong! What a great cast of characters that will be there including the legend Sammie Smith himself, Segathon, 8-bit, aka the Pussy Slayer, and RJ Collins, faster than a speeding Beebe Also present will be Tecmo legend George Shaban Gayge and cheerleader brother Jock Lezon. George is famous for being so drunk that he can't push buttons and Jock is the master trash talker. Recent newcomer to the scene includes Sol Train Lakitu Tony Solberg who ran out of bounds at his own 1 yard line on a kickoff return at Tecmo Madison this year. Tommy Gunz, Brett Bielama, Luke Tripucka, Seepuch, David "Lamar clap your hands" Brookins, and Up on the Rooftop BizzBoots all will be throwing their hats into the ring. And yours truly Nostradamus. I can't wait for this event!!!
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