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  1. P1 the_shield 27 P2 DT 21 OT thriller. TSB_salary_cap_v5VSDT.nsv
  2. So, can someone tell me what the format is going to be for Gold for creating groups? How many do we plan on having in a group, how many are making the bracket and is this single elim until a certain round? I know we won't know how many are in certain divisions but would like to know what the game plan is. Thanks.
  3. I have made my picks and will probably more than likely win me 100 bucks. ?
  4. Joeygats VS the_shield I won the toss and called the same matchup I beat him at tundra with, SD Philly. He once again took Philly like anyone would. After the tecmo gods struck me down on an earlier game, they decided they would repay me and boy did they ever. After fumbling the opening kickoff and getting it back the Chargers moved the ball down the field. A 4th and 1 at the two and I decided to go for it. It's Joeygats! I need all the damn points I can get. He calls my play and kudos to him. I was pissed and took a big gulp of my beer. Lucky for me it was going down well. After a few plays, Randell decided to pass it and Oneal decided to pick it off. He basically saved my job for me this game. I proceeded to move the ball into the endzone for a 7-0 lead with around a minute left to go till half. Some how one of Gats' JJ TD's didn't happen and I still have the lead at half. I proceeded to again take a nice pull from the craft beer. Gats received the kickoff and had a nice drive moving down the field and came up with a pretty big 4th down at midfield, 4th and 7 or something like that. He decides to run the ball with Randell who was in good and Oneal breaks off of him man and tries to stuff his ass before the 1st down marker. The sides change and SD takes over at midfield. Philly plays good D and holds SD to a pretty long field goal, 10-0. The ensuing kickoff Philly fumbles it and SD recovers it. A couple plays later The Pickle scrambles for I believe a 10yd TD run, I again pull from the craft beer. That was a funny TD run. 17-0. Gats decides to run around for a couple minutes with Randell and ends up not scoring. A game I didn't think I stood a chance in, but I guess the gods were with me on this one. No doubt about it, Gats will be back and when he gets his mojo back, we will all be in a world of hurt. A little side note: Mort goes 0-4 at Tundra and no one would have guessed that in a million years. Joeygats goes 0-3 in Tunderdome and no one would have guessed that as well. I'm safe to say that those two things will never happen again!!
  5. *Group E *Coin toss winner: the_shield *Matchup called: Minn/Wash *Ryan11p- Wash *the_shield-Minn Minn received and had a huge break early in the game and got back a fumble by Walker. A nice little drive afterwards and Minn goes up 7-0. Wash opened up their drive and ended up throwing a pick but Minn could not capitalize as Wash returned the favor and picked one off themselves in the endzone. A nice drive was going until Rypien again threw a pick. After a couple long runs by Walker, Minn leads 14-0 at the half. Wash gets the ball and has a nice drive going but a fumble helps me get my third turnover of the game. After some weird dsync issues we start up again and it's back and forth with little scoring. Minn wins 17-0. GG Ryan.
  6. *Group E *Coin toss winner: Shallahbey *Matchup called: KC/Chi *Shallahbey-Chi *the_shield-KC Da Bears won the coin toss and decided to return to open the game, he went down the field in fashion as KC's defense decided they were taking the 1st quarter off. 7-0 Bears. KC's returns the favor marching right down the field as Okoye rams through the Bears D. The score is now 7-7. After the 1st quarter D.Thomas gets a phone call from who other than DT and this phone call ignites the rest of the KC defense as it shuts down the Bears offense the rest of the half. Injury prone Deberg decides he wants a chance in the_shield's hall of fame and comes out gunning it around as KC goes up 21-7 at half. The second half starts just as it ended with Deberg on fire, KC now goes up 28-7. After a couple of extra stickum JJ's, the Bears score and the final ends up being 28-14. GG to Shallahbey and this would seemingly set up a matchup between Ryan11p and the_sheild for all the marbles to move on in the Thunderdome. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns2
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