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  1. Just to avoid any confusion, I'm laying out the rules for S38 here. The league google sheet is found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i0tdmSxbZJ1tJ930Vi_zJAjMtHKwOkudpL1_H2bdPrU/edit#gid=1280967737 Let me know if you have any issues with data entry etc. After each game the winner should enter the results in the AFC or NFC tab. SEASON SCHEDULE: The season will start on Saturday October 26th 2019. Play everyone in your conference once (that should be 14 games, as there are 15 players per conference) mid-way point of the season will be EOD Dec 1st, you should have 7 games played by that point. Season deadline will be EOD January 1st (happy new year!). Some notes about the end of the season: there will be no deadline extension as we did with S37, any unplayed matchups will automatically be won 2-0 by the player who has logged the most games. If the players have logged the same number of games, the first tiebreak will be whether 7 games had been played by the mid-way point. If both players reached (or didn't reach) the mid-way checkpoint, winner will be decided by point differential. GENERAL play RULES: P1 / matchup call is decided by a coin flip. NO DEFERRING. If you win the toss you must be P1 and pick a matchup. "Madison" rules, as per normal. No "lurching" with DLs, and DLs may only rush around the tackles, not up the middle (EXCEPT for shotgun plays, where anything is fair game.) "4th man down" is allowed on FG block attempts. For example, LT or Derrick Thomas are totally fine to attempt kick-blocks. NO CONDITION CHECKER. I love me some condition checker, but this is the tournament training league, so have to do without. It goes without saying, but no turbo or other unfair advantages (if you develop a play-picker app in secret that works on brutopia and use it to win the league you've got bigger issues my friend.) Don't be a dick. Say GL/GH/GG Conflicts will be mediated by me, but please don't let it get that far. Take care of business between yourselves and come to a fair resolution in the event of desyncs etc. If you CAN stream, please do. It's fun. If you can commentate as you stream that makes it even more fun. I do it, and I'm not great at it, but I know that people enjoy hearing the joy of victory and agony of defeat. REGULAR SEASON: A matchup may only be called once by a player. If you call Redskins-Vikings, you can't call the same thing again. If someone else calls Redskins-Vikings against you that's ok. Play everyone in your conference once. That should be 13 games (14 players per conference and you can't play with yourself. Ha.) PLAYOFFS: 7 Players from each conference will make the postseason, with one bye per conference for the top seed. No ties. If OT ends in a tie, start the game over (same playbooks) and continue playing sudden death. Matchup calls will reset in the playoffs, but may only be called once by a player. Eg, if you called Redskins-Vikings in the regular season, you may do so again in the playoffs, but only once. Playoffs will be single elimination I think that's it. Have fun and GLGL! - Pete
  2. Hi Leon - what's your discord handle? Thanks!
  3. Hi @Shotgun sorry didn't see you on a wait list - what season did you sign up for? For now I've got you in as a "new owner" for this season but we'll see how many more returning owners show up by Friday. Best, Pete
  4. Hey guys! Signup Thread for S38. Returning owners get priority. This season will be another "called matchup" season. Coin flip winner MUST take home field and call a matchup. A player may not call the same matchup more than once in the regular season. Condition checker is NOT allowed as this league's purpose is to simulate a tournament experience. After signup is complete players will be assigned to two conferences as per usual. Target is for 28 owners, 14 per conference. If demand is high we could potentially accommodate more, so we'll see who's in. This is a great time of year to get your tecmo game in shape for the big winter tourneys, including Tundra in January. Post below to let me know if you're in. This is my first time solo-commishing so please be patient with me Best, Ptitteri Current Players Total (28 + 3 waitlist) Returning (26): ptitteri johny_mx MadTownSpliffStars kmolnar3298 the_shield Thrash Prime Barletti Rico Hank Speed Simon ACSlater Arncoem Gats MilesTails RandyWags Nelson79 8-Bit DaRiddler HughMillenNation TundraYeti PrimeTime Tadaos DarthRockman PurpleHaze (via Discord) New (5): Shotgun GoNickMontana SwampC1 RetroNate LeonSandcastle
  5. Group K Arncoem vs Ptitteri Arncoem wins toss and calls CHI/KC, Ptitteri selects KC Final score 35-0 KC over CHI Early Arn fumble sets the tone, KC converts to go up 7-0. Arn gets a stop, but gives it back with an INT to Snow - KC converts to go up 14-0 at half. KC gets the ball at half and drives for a 21-0 lead, putting the game out of reach. GG Arn
  6. Group K ptitteri vs HughMillenNation Hugh wins toss and calls DAL/PHX, Pete takes DAL. Opening drive for Hugh quickly results in a sack/safety. Hugh gets a big stop on 4th and 7 to get the ball back, and nets a FG to go up 3-2. Ptitteri's FG attempt blocked as the half ends, 3-2. 2nd half more staunch D from both sides. Del-Greco doinks a FG in the 4th, leading to Dal last ditch drive. Emmitt bravely (stupidly?) eschews the sidelines and runs it in as time expires for the 9-3 win. PKT
  7. Discord Handle: PeteT (ptitteri) Can you host?: yes Your time zone: PST Best time for you to play: most evenings after 8pm PST, some flexibility during the day with notice
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