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  1. Group K Arncoem vs Ptitteri Arncoem wins toss and calls CHI/KC, Ptitteri selects KC Final score 35-0 KC over CHI Early Arn fumble sets the tone, KC converts to go up 7-0. Arn gets a stop, but gives it back with an INT to Snow - KC converts to go up 14-0 at half. KC gets the ball at half and drives for a 21-0 lead, putting the game out of reach. GG Arn
  2. Group K ptitteri vs HughMillenNation Hugh wins toss and calls DAL/PHX, Pete takes DAL. Opening drive for Hugh quickly results in a sack/safety. Hugh gets a big stop on 4th and 7 to get the ball back, and nets a FG to go up 3-2. Ptitteri's FG attempt blocked as the half ends, 3-2. 2nd half more staunch D from both sides. Del-Greco doinks a FG in the 4th, leading to Dal last ditch drive. Emmitt bravely (stupidly?) eschews the sidelines and runs it in as time expires for the 9-3 win. PKT
  3. Discord Handle: PeteT (ptitteri) Can you host?: yes Your time zone: PST Best time for you to play: most evenings after 8pm PST, some flexibility during the day with notice
  4. @DT. @kamphuna8Thanks for the posts, nice afternoon reading Did I get any points for a 4th place finish? Looking to move up that leaderboard! I think I started the day with 13. PKT
  5. +ptitteri (Pete) 100% +Jbrooks (James) 75% +StoneColdJackAustin (Jack) 90% +Shermy80 (Matt) 50%
  6. 1. Who will win the opening coin toss Atlanta or San Francisco (3 points) SF 2. Who will score first Atlanta or San Francisco? (4 points) SF 3. Will the opening kickoff be returned onto or past the receiving teams own 15 yd line? Yes or no. Yes answer is it will reach 15 yd line or greater. No is it will reach 14 yd line or less. (4 points) Yes 4. Will the team who gets ball first in the game, score a TD on the opening drive? (4 points) Yes 5. Who will have more TD's (passing+rushing), SF QB Matt Ryan (44PS-63PC) or ATL QB Andrew Luck (19MS-56PS-56PC) (4 points) Andrew Luck 6. Will SF RB Chris Carson (44MS) score a rushing TD? (3 points) Yes 7. Over/Under (90.5) total yards rushing + receiving for ATL RB Adrian Peterson (56MS) (5 points) Over 8. Over/Under (155.5) receiving yards for SF WR Odell Beckham (63MS-69REC) (5 points) Under 9. Over/Under (0.5) on # of lost fumbles. If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (6 points) Over 10. Over/Under (1.5) successful 2 point conversion attempts? (7 points) Over **11. Total combined points scored in the game. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 5 points of the total you earn the points. (8 points). 50 12. Who will win the 2K Super Bowl? (10 points) Bruddog
  7. I can host 49ers Falcons Bucs
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