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  1. @Baron von LectorHow bout a few roster moves like le be in to the Lakers and Donic,Ayton etc. But this is great !! The teams logos are nice !
  2. @BO FB Offtackle Left Not me. just messing around .What I got is ugly. ๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‘น but I dig it .
  3. Rumor in lawrence Bill Self to spurs if pop retires .. Also the bulls rumor..
  4. @VGiftedI agree on Orlando . Am looking forward to fleet v.s iron today.
  5. @VGifted k.farrow is ok. Been a fun game to watch so far I have read that Memphis may pass on johnny . And the league is already growing !!
  6. @VGifted San Antonio has no run game even close to what the lions had ..
  7. Ill take San Antonio the great Defensive backfield. Mediocre line backers and a decent d line with a inconsistent offense reminds me of tsb falcons on offense Greg Ward would be Andre rison.. So on
  8. @VGifted Salt lake -Arizona (yes Orlando takes that first loss in a must win for Zona) San Antonio -San Diegio.
  9. I'am riding with Orlando. They look like the most complete team so far. The wr unit is hands down the best in the aaf.
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