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  1. Sorry for the delay in response - at a minimum it will be double elimination, but also my goal is to give everyone is many games as possible so we'll see what total registration looks like leading up to the event. High-level details are now here, with a handy-dandy video: https://www.tecmocleveland.com/tecmo-super-bowl
  2. Lots of updates happening this year with Tecmo Cleveland if you haven't - we just signed Tim Kitzrow, the original voice of NBA JAM as a guest - so yeah, get ready to hear a lot of BOOM SHAKALAKKAS all weekend long! Seriously check out all the program updates for everything at www.tecmocleveland.com - November 16 - 17 Tecmo Gold Prize Pool (with pot bonuses) can grow up-to $1,000 Tecmo Silver up-to $350 Tecmo Bronze, prizes and trophies only NBA Jam TE tournament up-to $350 with pot bonuses! Thanks guys! Tom
  3. Update: website under development, still finalizing dates. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Theme for 2019 announced, "Welcome to the Gridrion." Full reveal video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K93c8aYpBn4 See you guys this November in Cleveland!
  5. Teaser trailer for Tecmo Cleveland 19' drops this Sunday - www.facebook.com/tecmocleveland
  6. Actually we are even looking at moving back a little further - November 1 - 3 or November 8 - 10
  7. UPDATE 8/22/2019: www.gamecleveland.com has all the details and more! Tecmo Jam Cleveland is officially November 16 - 17. The TSB tournaments is on Saturday, November 16th! 3 Brackets: Gold, Silver and Bronze - Gold goes up to $1,000 with pot bonuses Silver goes up to $350 with pot bonuses Bronze sponsor and donated vendor prizes Special guest this year: TIM KITZROW! The original voice of NBA Jam! Tom Jenkins [email protected]
  8. Sorry for the delay in my recap - I've been utterly exhausted following this year and oh yea, my family and I are currently selling our home (open house this Sunday 2pm - 4pm!) and moving to a newly purchased home. Just minor life events, that's all. Also, quick summary/recap of Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2018: We sold a total of 77 tickets for 2018, beating our 2017 numbers - which was great! We had a fantastic turnout both days and I appreciate the continued support in the community here and beyond. We actually oversold the TSB portion of the tournament, selling close to (or around) 68 - 69 TSB tickets (some ppl buy the joint two-day pass and others buying one-day pass) with day-of registrations, last minute purchases, etc. We had 16 stations playing TSB with Group Play starting a little late, around 12:30 - 12:45pm, following the national anthem and Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2018 hype video (to be posted to YouTube later once i've recovered). Group Play lasted about 3 - 3.5 hours (double elim), with players in groups of 8, so we did 8 groups of 8 (64 man total, b/c of some no shows and what not, per usual - even having over-sold it). Bronze was single elimination all the way through. Silver and Gold were single elim., I believe in the first 2 rounds and then we reseeded to double elim. with both final four groups. So, at a minimum all players were guaranteed at least 3 games, whether they lost all 3 of them or not, which was a nice change from 2017. Based on Group Play players were re-seeded into Bronze, Silver and Gold Brackets: BRONZE: https://challonge.com/tecmojamclevelandbronzeTSB SILVER: https://challonge.com/tecmojamclevelandsilvertsb SILVER FINAL FOUR: https://challonge.com/eduqzjk7 GOLD: https://challonge.com/tecmojamclevelandgoldtsb GOLD FINAL FOUR: https://challonge.com/n9iyr3au Players in Silver and Gold were then re-seeded in a Final Four, also attached above with links to Challonge. I did my best to log all the scores for posterity - thanks to everyone for communicating so well and getting me results to log real-time. I believe gameplay lasted all-in until about 8 - 9pm? Keep me honest if I'm off - it was a long day and I was beyond exhausted. Jordan Willis and Louis in the finals was incredible; and quite honestly, all finals match-ups, final fours, etc. were amazing. Troy did a great job on the microphone with Eric Kuhlman doing broadcasting on some of the top games, and I appreciated him making the trip out to be a part of this years' experience. NBA Jam TE was great the second day as well. We had exactly 24 competitors show-up so that made for great brackets. We did 6, four-man groups that were all double elim. Again, based on performance in group play, players were seeded in Gold, Silver and Bronze brackets respectively. So 8 Gold, 8 Silver, 8 Bronze. They can be found here as well: We just ran these through the entire-way as double elimination to get everyone more games. BRONZE: https://challonge.com/tecmojamclevelandbronzenbajam SILVER: https://challonge.com/tecmojamclevelandsilvernbajam GOLD: https://challonge.com/tecmojamclevelandgoldnbajamte Green Majic walked away victorious with some great games and hard-fought competition. This was great to see and an awesome addition from 2017 + it was just fun. NBA Jam play ended around 5pm(ish)? Again, keep me honest guys. Then the fun part began... I think I got home around 9pm Sunday night by the time cars were unloaded, I dropped off arcade cabinets at John's arcade, hit up a storage locker and more. I was utterly and completely pooped, and my back was just killing me too. Anyways, I think Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2018 was a great success and I owe a huge debt of thanks to a lot of the guys who have been Cleveland-faithful in helping me promote, setup, tear-down, etc. in the last 3 - 4 months and also on gameday. You guys are great - thanks. What I learned in 2018? Kudos to Chris Vogt, because he already read my mind and sent me an email re: 2019. I've felt like an ass for the last two years being really so close to Midwest Tecmo, knowing that they are both great tournaments - and truthfully I want to make the trip down as well, as I'm sure they want to come up. I've talked to so many ppl about this in regards and Chris and I are going to talk to figure this out for 2019. I 110% respect Chris' seniority and entitlement to the late July timeframe and I do want to move Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2019 out of mad respect for what they do as well and I am looking at options. In the spirit of full-transparency to the community, the timing has always been an issue for me as well for the following reason - my wedding anniversary is August 28, I had Hamilton tickets this year on August 25, I have a huge conference with work I am planning for multiple months which is the 2nd week in September every year at our software company, my wife, son and mother-in-law (yes 3 generations all have the exact same birthday - which is October 6), my dad's birthday is late October, plus planning for Halloween costumes, etc. with the boys around Halloween is a disaster, plus my other son's birthday is November 20 - so that is a mess too. So basically from August 20th+ through the end of the year (any year) my calendar is hosed because as soon as November 20 hits it's holiday season. Factor in the Cleveland weather which can kick-up any time with snow storms really early October - it could spell disaster - oh plus football season and MLB playoffs (if not world series again [hopeful]). So, long-story short. I'm trying to find something that works and I want the community to know I seriously am (as you can tell) looking into it and trying to come up with an alternative for 2019 because I do not want our two tourneys to be back-to-back weekends next year as it does nobody any good. At the end of the day that really leave me either pushing back a few more weeks in August, but not too close to our wedding anniversary date b/c I'm also dangerously close to the 10 year mark and I do not need a divorce and/or we usually take a wedding anniversary vacation around that time. I also want to work with Kevin Cabarello re: Tupa Bowl too, b/c again - mad respect to him and I don't want to conflict at all and give him the space/time he needs around scheduling (which is generally May). So really it comes down to either moving up in the June timeframe, but not close to Madison or anything else - maybe pushing to the 1st week of November in between Halloween and my second boy's birthday - i.e. 11/1 - 11/15 (but also knowing everyone will be in full NFL and college football mode, so I'm competing with that then too). Or moving entirely to the winter, but not competing with Tundra Bowl who I madly respect as well. I'd be open to suggest, comments, recommendations or more because I really want everyone to understand I know I am a relative newcomer to this community and I fully respect the boundaries and work that these Tecmo-lifers have been doing and they are owed mad street cred. So kudos to them and we'll figure it out in 2019 best we can. I just didn't want anyone also think I'm not trying, because I am beyond this and even more. Anyways, in summary - thanks for the support in 2018. I'm excited about 2019 - growing this thing even more. Growing Tecmo, growing Jam and maybe even adding more into the mix. Thanks for making the trip out. I hope you guys had a great time and I appreciate the support, knowledge transfer, collaboration, partnership, recommendations, suggestions and more. Tecmo Jam Tom *edited adding in handle/tags so ppl are aware of this post and not buried in the forums @vogtcd11 @trojan1979 @kmolnar3298 @red98sethuthut @Woodshed @The Ultimate Weapon @mort1237 @kevincabarello
  9. Congrats Jordan - you were a beast the entire day, humble with your winnings and being a true champion. Unbelievable gameplay all day long - hope to see you again next year. Tecmo Jam Tom
  10. Awesome summary - this is truly epic that you did this write-up as to capture the magic of the weekend. Thanks again for making the trip out and everything more. Amazing stuff and so much fun all weekend long. Tom
  11. First Prize in Gold Bracket prize pool goes up to $500 if we max out registration at 64 - the current payout as of today is $410. + Tecmo trophy of course Runner-up Gold Bracket includes prize packages, plus nominal cash prize + trophy. In Silver & Bronze brackets, prizes are non-cash; but include prize packages and trophies. Come on out. We put on a good show
  12. Registration to date: 39 Tecmo Super Bowl, 24 NBA Jam 11 days to go!
  13. I can almost guarantee there will be a MK2 machine - i talked to my buddy who owns the arcade and it sounds like it will happen.
  14. Another article for the highlight reel: https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/07/tecmo_bowl_nba_jam_tournament.html
  15. Another organic news release today: https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2018/07/17/clevelands-tecmo-superbowl-and-nba-jam-tournament-celebrates-retro-gaming-once-again
  16. Coverage from local news last night and this morning - Tecmo Jam Cleveland looks to be promising! http://www.cleveland19.com/story/38647449/retro-tecmo-jam-cleveland-tourney-promises-bragging-rights-cash-prizes
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