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  1. I've been getting into this game lately and would like to have an updated version. I'm willing to help out but sadly I don't know what I'm doing. Do you have a link or guide explaining what tools you're using and what specifically you're looking for? I understand the larger picture of what you're doing, just not the nitty gritty. I have very limited experience of manipulating hex values on the NES Final Fantasy game to change encounters but not much past that. If I get an understanding I could do a little diving for you.
  2. The loopy mappers worked. Thanks!
  3. New to the game and community and have enjoyed playing so far. I'm trying to play TSB2017 on my PowerPak from RetroUSB but the game won't load. It gives a Loading screen then goes blank. TSB works fine, just not the 2017 version. Is anyone familiar enough with either to know if they can work together? Does anyone have TSB2017 running on a PowerPak?
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