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  1. 1. Discord Name: HughMillenation 2. Can you host? Yes 3. Team preference: Vikings, Raiders, Lions
  2. Speed already has LB DB, so I'll take CHI LB/BUF DB
  3. Group 11 HughMillenation - KMolnar I won toss JETS - NO KMolnar chose JETS KMolnar received kickoff and punted. I drove for a TD. 7 - 0 KMolnar drove for a TD. 7 - 7 I threw an INT. KMolnar throws an INT. I fumbled before midfield w/ 6 seconds left in the first half. KMolnar completes a CC TD to Toon as time expires. 7 - 14 I return kickoff for a TD 14 - 14 I stop KMolnar on downs in his own territory. I settle for a FG. 17 - 14 KMolnar drives into my territory, but turns it over downs w/ 2:30 left in the game. I go three and out, and punt w/ 1:15 on the clock. KMolnar's Run 3 on 1st down takes him to my 35 yd line. KMolnar runs one more play, leaving only enough time to kick a FG. KMolnar's FG goes wide left. 17 - 14. Crazy, crazy game. Good defense on both sides. GG
  4. In Discord: HughMillentation Nickname HughMillenation Timezone: CST Available: M-F 5 PM - 9 PM and occasionally during the weekdays. All day Saturday and Sunday Host: yes
  5. Tecmo Fargo is back with a vengeance! Last year we drummed up 20+ entries in our inaugural year and it looks like it's only going to get bigger this year! Where: Ramada Fargo When: March 30 1:30 P.M. - A champion is crowned Entry: $10 (in person; cash only) What You Can Win: A trophy + cash prizes Link to the Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1954013001388205/ There will be a retro gaming swap meet that begins at 1 P.M., so feel free to bring some of your gems to show off and/or trade.
  6. DL LB DB MIN Thomas Studwell Rutland
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