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  1. Ah, yeah, that would ruin my day too. That really sucks. As I stated while you were with us last night, thanks for coming and best of luck in Madison!
  2. @joeygats, I can understand your frustration, but I'm not sure where the $42 toll is coming from. I don't know what you mean. The entry fee was $25. $5 of it went to the host for pizza, snacks, etc. Was it your commute that cost $42? Sorry, I'm a bit confused on this.
  3. No. An adjustment was made as we started due to a no-show. This took the payouts from 100-60-20 to 90-50-20, for winner, runner-up, and losers bracket winner respectively. The format was not changed. Originally, we were expecting 9 guys, but due to the no-show, I rearranged one first round match-up instead of on random person having a bye. There was a little confusion on how the brackets were played after half of the players were eliminated from the primary prize money. -After half of the players had two losses, we split them off into a losers bracket. We then started play in the winners and losers brackets separately, with a fresh slate, as I planned from the start. So, it was double-elim again, once you were assigned to a winners or loser bracket. Of course the winner of the losers bracket only received $20, where the winner and runner-up in the winners bracket received $90 and $50, respectively. Im not really sure why I'm explaining myself here, was there a complaint that wasn't brought to my attention? -I'm hoping not, but would like to address it if there was. Thanks, Jeff.
  4. About 5 hours away! Anyone else planning to attend today? Please let me know as we're trying to get a semi-accurate head count. Thanks!
  5. @joeygats I've never used Discord, but I did try. It says I need your four digit tag....? Either way, it's a house tourney in Langhorne. The address is ----. Langhorne, PA 19047. We'd be honored to have you at our tournament. Please let me know if we should expect you. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Two days out! Any late entries? We'll be using complete Madison rules. Let me me know ASAP!
  7. NOW USING 100% MADISON RULES!!! TecSpectre, I can guarantee you less than half the participants will use the Niners. I know most, if not all, of the guys signed up this time around. There'll be Raiders, Oilers, Eagles, Bills and Dolphins. -Maybe even others. As mentioned prior, we will vote on using 100% Madison rules for next year. You should come out and go over the Madison team selection, etc. rules so everyone understands. Then, we'll be more likely to get some votes to go that way next year. -I could use all the support I can get in this department. Either way, it'll still be a good time. Let me know; we'd love to have you join us. -Jeff
  8. We're a week away! Aren't there any contenders in this group, local to the Philly area, that want to join in the fun? -Let's see if you're as good as you think you are! Get in touch with me and let me know if you're interested. If nothing else, it'll be a fun, Nintendo filled Saturday night. -Jeff
  9. It's a house tourney. I think we have about 12-13 so far.
  10. 13 days! Who's in for the Philly suburban tourney on the 18th?! Let me know!
  11. NOW USING 100% MADISON RULES!!! I think there may be some that offer points to get the Niners (as my rules state), but we'll see how it works out. We like to gamble and this may play into it even more.
  12. I feel ya, guys. This format was voted upon and accepted. -At least for this time around. We'll consider adopting Madison rules 100% next time around. NOW USING 100% MADISON RULES!!! I hate the Niners. I guess my response was biased. I won't be coming to Madison this time, but maybe next time? -Then, I'll take you up on the offer. ??
  13. I'd rather have controller 1 than SF. Of the six tournamanets we've had, I think a SF controllers team has won once. -Maybe twice. I prefer HOU. Others prefer the The Giants, etc.
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