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  1. Discord: Eifersucht80 Nickname (if applicable): Eifer Email: [email protected] Availability: weekdays after 7pm central (8pm east) Can you host?: nope List 4 Team Preferences: G -men (everone except cowgirls) What's your location/timezone?: Central (México) Why do you want to join HSTL?: Longtime tecmoer
  2. GROUP A MATCH UP: Eifer vs Primetime I won the toss again and select Eagles vs Bills Again Eagles went down 7-14 after a fumble by Randal However in second half Vandal manages to get up at the end of game and Eagles win 21-14 eifer finishes first stage with a 3-0 record GG Primetime
  3. GROUP A MATCH UP: Eifer vs The Shield I won the toss and selected Eagles vs 49ers game 49ers went up early 14 - 0 in the first quarter after Randal the vandal fumbled, After that, everything went to Eagles way, where they scored 35 unanswered points 2 fumbles and 1 interception made the game ugly for 49ers Final score: Eagles 35 49ers 14 GG the shield...
  4. Great game here! I won toss and called Eagles - Oilers Match up vs Joeygates He picked Oilers and my fate was given to Randal legs I dont remember playing with such speed at QB in online games, so it was really fun to do it After going behind 21 -14 in second quarter i could send the game to OT to win the toss and eventually win with a FG after a hugh run by randall Game score 24 - 21 Randall the vandal 179 rush yards!!! very good game joey gl the rest of way....
  5. eifersucht80 cant host 😢 (or at least i havent figured how to do it) central time weekdays after 8pm east (till 12am east)
  6. chargers backups rbs wrs and tes
  7. Simon Fletcher and Dennis Smith and Powers
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