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  1. Yo Goji, great work with 2019 ROM. I found one mistake, SEA Will Dissly is listed as RB4, but he is TE.
  2. Yep, now i see. Cameron Jordan, Calais Campbell, Takk McKinley and some other guys i didn't notice by a quick look - listed as LB. Interesting trend to follow as league becomes more and more pass-oriented.
  3. Dayum, great job! I wish i could make juice to be applied on CPU vs CPU games too (especially on J+ rom) BTW, what is hybrid defense and extra db? Isn't there only 4 db in a team?
  4. Extra points should be kicked from 15 yds, not 10. Correct this pls.
  5. Awesome release and awesome updates! BTW i noticed that kicker Blair Walsh plays for Seahawks and Vikings at the same time, fix pls.
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