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  1. Does anybody have either of these games? And I don't mean the rom hacks of the same name hosted on this site. I mean either of these two games: https://tecmobowlshirts.com/products/tsb18-tecmo-super-bowl-2019/ or https://tecmobowlshirts.com/products/tecmo-super-bowl-gold/ The reason I ask is because these versions of TSB include features not found in the rom hacks I've found on this site such as 2-point conversions, touchbacks, spin moves, popcorn maker, and more. I would love to play either of these games, but I can't. I can not find the roms anywhere online and the carts this guy was selling are no longer available. Has anyone even played these yet? If so can you speak on how well the new features work? Especially 2-point conversions, I'm very curious about that with this game.
  2. Theses versions of the game apparently have it and it sounds amazing: https://tecmobowlshirts.com/products/tsb18-tecmo-super-bowl-2019/ and https://tecmobowlshirts.com/products/tecmo-super-bowl-gold/ But, you can only get the game by purchasing it, I've looked and not seen any rom file out there. As much as I want it, $60 is a bit of a steep price. Still, I've considered getting it before.
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