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  1. Woah, that’s intense! Thanks @arncoem I shall try the old right and left mouse clicks and save it that way! Thanks again!
  2. @Midnight Marauder and @arncoem-- neither of your links work. Any way for you to please fix? Thanks and Happy holidays! Joel
  3. I saw a Ken Griffey SNES one here 6 months back, but it didn't work (loaded but then glitched out), which is why I assume it is gone. I had a great PC game called "Old Time Baseball" a few decades ago, which was built on the Tony LaRussa Sega Genesis type build. It was GREAT on PC, with players from like 1922-1982, and included a "time machine" where you could travel to different eras of baseball to play with your picked team. Though it was a tad glitchy/choppy on PC (with our mighty 486DX/66's en tow!). How come there is no interest in an All Timers ROM, built off RBI or Griffey or even anything past that platform? y Would be really cool if someone had the ambition to do it! Or, if it HAS been done, any pointers would be nice! Thanks!
  4. OK thanks! Was thinking more about year 2000-2010 era NCAA ROMs. They used to be on this site long ago.
  5. Hi, Looking for any older NCAA tecmo football ROMs. Seems they only go back a few years on here, but I remember them being made probably back a decade ago. Anyone care to share a classic NCAA ROM? Thanks! Joel
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