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  1. Imma go with my dude Fulcher and all the poo that comes with.
  2. Which Husker do I get? Burkhead or Enunwa? Ill go for Sexy Rexy. Rex Burkhead.
  3. Group I JeBigRed won toss NO/JETS Wags chose JETS I'm just going to start off by saying Jebigred got bent over by the game of Tecmo. Wags fumbled twice, but both recovered by Wags for important gains. One on a kick return and one near jeb's goal line, which was recovered and scored by Wags. Jeb fumbled once (I think) and of course Wags picked it up. Jeb had great drives, but twice Wags called his play on 4th to stop him at the goal line. The game literally could've gone either way, but ended up 30-7. I'll post the nsv for anyone to watch and feel Jeb's pain. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1 ThunderDome_Wags_JeBigRed.nsv
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