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  1. 1. MadTown 2. Alpha TD (Paid) 3. JPthebowler5 (Paid) 4. The_Shield (Paid) 5. Thrash (Paid) 6. FastEd7070 (paid) 7. Shotgun (Paid) 8. red98sethut (Paid) 9. Odell (paid) 10. Tecmobo (Paid) 11. Fox (paid) 12. TimPapi (paid)
  2. The Jeff Query Quarantine Classic III - Two Day Event - May 8th & 9th Day 1: Draft your team - Fri May 8th 9:30PM eastern - Live on twitch Day 2: Tournament - Sat May 9th 8PM eastern Deadline to enter and pay is Thursday May 6th, 12PM Payout: 1st - $120, 2nd - $50 JEFF QUERY IS JERRY - JERRY IS JEFF QUERY: Jeff query has Jerry Rice attributes and vice versa. Query is now the best WR in the game! 2 Day tournament where you draft your own teams. -Live draft on Twitch Fri May 8th 9:30 EST. Tournament on Saturday May 9th 8EST. Obviously you must be present for both. For 16 entrants, I expect the draft to take around 2hrs, tourney to take around 4+ hrs. -Random order and then you can select draft position and team. For example, first in the random selects 12th pick and the jets -$10 entry - 100% payout. I’m making this a buy in because this will take a lot of effort from everyone and I do not want last minute backouts. You’re spot is not secure until you have paid. -PTitterri graciously donated his winnings last tourney back into the pool for this one so that will go into the prize pool. -Must be able to host -Group Play of 4 person groups then single elim bracket (everyone makes the bracket). Pt diff is tie breaker for seeding. Random placement for groups -8 person minimum and then we can go to 12 and then max at 16. Must be 8, 12, 16. Will start a waitlist for numbers in between. -You can align your defense but it must be sent immediately following the draft. OL will not be realigned. DRAFT RULES -snake draft -draft doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dZKitoMY7KFM34i8RSa8hCosBGhHIXWNAzKjtHDCdqI/edit#gid=359517006 -:45 picks -If you miss a pick you get one :15 chance at the end of the round to make your pick or its autopicked. End of round picks in order as they were missed. Sim rds 13-26 to finish teams. Note 1st pick will get best LB avail, last pick will get best DB and DL avail. Draft - 12 rds 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 OL 1 DE 2 LB 2 DB Sim auto pick Rd (picked from list from hstl) 13 P 1st pick chooses first 14 RB last pick chooses first 15 WR 1st pick chooses first 16 TE last pick chooses first 17 RB 1st pick chooses first 18 WR last pick chooses first 19 LB 1st pick chooses first 20 DB last pick chooses first 21 K 1st pick chooses first 22 DL last pick chooses first 23 DB 1st pick chooses first 24 LB last pick chooses first 25 DL 1st pick chooses first 25 QB last pick chooses first GAMEPLAY RULES: No lurching, WRs cant run ball except reverses Coin toss for P1 CONDITION CHECKER IS ALLOWED
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