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  1. Thanks man! The savestate is probably specific to SNES9x,but if you get any NBA Jam T.E. SNES rom you can make the savestate in the options menu yourself, rename it, and load it with the modded rom. That's how I made the first one so I don't see why it wouldn't work the same, but if you have any problems let me know.
  2. Absolutely, not a problem! Awesome! Thanks for the heads up! I've been reaching out to some writers to try to get some more exposure for it, super excited that it got picked up!
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied - I decided to put it up for download earlier today. Check it out here: http://www.hogswithablog.com/?p=1263 Please take a minute to leave some feedback in this thread, I'd love to hear what you guys think!
  4. Thanksfor the comment! The problem is, I was going to host it on my website which has my name and some social media information, as well as my charity which has my name in the link to my page. So it would probably take about 7 seconds to find my real identity haha. I'm curious, then, if the creative commons license doesn't help you guys legally, what has prevented anyone from going after the site as a whole? I made a similar post on NHL94.com and they said EA knows they exist and don't do much to bother them, and I wouldn't have any problems with them. Since they own the rights to NBA Jam and Midway/Acclaim are defunct, I would guess that EA would be the only people who might take issue with me doing this. But it sounds like, overall, the companies turn a blind eye to this kind of stuff as it keeps the original work alive in a sense - and they don't stand to profit anything from the original games anymore anyway. (If there was a 1:1 NBA Jam T.E. re-release for example, I'd probably be a bit more cautious and not release a full rom).
  5. I'm confused - what do you guys mean by both? You're right about Acclaim, but obviously EA has recently come out with an NBA Jam game so I would hope it doesn't infringe on that. I noticed that the Tecmo Bowl roms say something about a "Creative Common 4.0 license." Is this something I would be protected by, as long as I give proper credit? I'm not looking for any money but I would like to promote a charitable cause I'm working with (Dana Farber Cancer Institute) - I'm assuming this would still make my project considered non profit right? Too much legal jargon that I have no idea about haha. I'm thinking about just saying f it and uploading the full rom, and if there are any issues I will take it down and replace it with the ips file. I just posted the launch trailer, you can check that out below if you're interested.
  6. NBA JAM 2k17 is available now on my website, download today: http://www.hogswithablog.com/?p=1263
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