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  1. This is a great help......I wrote a roster editor for older Genesis Madden games (91-94) and wanted to start getting into hacking Tecmo.....
  2. Thank you Dave.....I see where the player data starts (3010) but is there any documentation on what positions in the hex file are which? I would assume the first part of the player data is the Bills but looking for Reich's number 14 and don't see anything. Thanks.....
  3. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how someone was able to figure out which player attributes were in what positions in the hex file? Like in what order was RS, RP, MS? And how someone knew that the ratings were RS, RP and MS to begin with? I would think that only the original programmers would have this info, is there any documentation on this? I'm assuming someone tried to match up the Player Data screen in the game with attributes in the hex file? Is all the player data in one spot in the ROM or is it scattered about by team? I'm just very curious to see how someone figured all this out.....love the site and the updated ROM....